*Update on drum tracks*

Mar 2, 2009
Thursday night..... (June 9th) we finished tracking the last song for drums. We have a night or two left of listening and tweaking to make sure everything sounds perfect! Then we will put the Kat V seal of approval on the drum tracks and move on the guitar and bass. I have to admit.... I was a little skepitcle upon arrival to the studio, initially. As I have been able to hear how things are coming out, I have to really hand it to Dustin, I think that even in the albums infancy it is shaping up to be the best sounding, best produced album yet! The drums Sound Killer! They're crisp and clean, and are extremely tight!
I'm very proud of what Dustin and I have accomplished!

That's one giant step closer! Now give Kris a swift kick in the rear and tell him to get in there!

Stay metal. Never rust.