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Nov 3, 2001
Howdy folkz.

So what have I been up to lately?
Apart from mixing and mastering for my beloved clients, I have taken up songwriting again!!
Most of the ideas are tagged for the upcoming NIGHTINGALE album that I think will be called "Bravado"
I also have some cool ideas for the coverartwork, and I think someone like Travis Smith (or someone equally talented)
would be the man for the job (Travis Smith have done the Second Sky cover artwork..nothing short of amazing!!)
Musically it´s a smörgåsbord ranging from early NG stuff (Deep inside of nowhere/Thoughts from a....kind of stuff)
thru A.O.R. vibey stuff a lá "Glory Days" and "Scarred for life" to more hard edged progressive stuff!!
I have also done some demos of the old "non album" Unicorn songs "Yellow & Greg" and "Mr K Just Left the circus"
with a NG approach and they sound really, really good.
The only problem I have is that the lyrics are just too damn awful when you take them
out of the concept of Unicorn, and it will take a while to get used to singing something different to these tracks.
On the other hand, the music is awesome and these songs really fit our concept.
Dag have put up with having new lyrics to all his songs that had other lyrics for like 20 years!!!..
so maybe it´s time I deal with it, and let some good old Unicorn songs rise out of obscurity!!

The ODYSSEY EP have been remastered/restored and sounds almost re-recorded!!
The additional coversongs have also been completed!!
IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT (SANDRA) feat. Marcus Vanhala on Lead Guitar
EYES OF THE WORLD (RAINBOW) feat. Tino Kallioniemi on Lead Guitar
GYPSY (URIAH HEEP) feat. Dag Swanö on Lead Guitar
LOST HORIZONS (MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP) featuring leadguitars from Vanhala and Morgan Pettersson

Most of these songs were up for "covering" at some earlier point in my career. The Sandra song was destined for the
cancelled Route Nine fullenght album. Eyes Of The World was demoed once before for a cancelled Nightingale EP where we
all recorded one song each and played all instruments too. At the Gallows End and Lost Horizons were both candidates for
the cover of choice for "Until eternity ends" until I accidentally stumbled on "Invisible Sun" and felt a "black album" treatment
of that would be a far more original choice ("Lost Horizons" was also covered by Memento Mori at the same time..same label)

There is also a new unnamed project in the works. I have begun to throw ideas around with Ragnar Widerberg (ex. Saint Deamon)
The plan is that we will both take care of all instruments where it works the best.
Musically it´s gonna be a mix of my writing for Moontower/E.O.S. and Bloodbath mixed with the insanity and "ambience" of Diabolical Masquerade
and Karaboudjan/Pan Thy Monium. It will be a conceptalbum about the patients of a home for the criminally insane, located on Swanön!!
I have a few ideas about incorporating multiple singers (both growl and clean) and try to keep the whole thing "Crimson 1-ish" in terms of flow
and variety. I might end up growling some myself too. I just have to plan my takes carefully and do like 4 lines a day, and then it should work ;)

Second Sky will be completed on the 13th of December. I have already begun mixing and do some touch-ups. So far, so very fucking good!!

See ya all soon with more news!!


Awesome update Dan, thanx alot. So nice to see you got so many things going on at the moment, Im looking foreward to enjoy the end result of all of these projects. Especially I am paciently waiting for the release of another Nightingale album and of course Second Sky!!

Sounds pretty damn great to me Dan! Especially the Nightingale part and the unnamed project. I really begin to wait new NG album more if there's going to be early NG kind of stuff and like I said in another thread, another Crimson-like concept album would sound absolutely great. So... I couldn't have waited a better update so thank you :).

Where and when the remixed/remastered Odyssey-ep can be bought?
Holy smoke, this is some unexpected awesome news. Second Sky.....:headbang:
Nightingale, Odyssey, coveralbum and a new work going on. This :OMG:
Dan Swanö you fucking maniac!!!
This update made me so happy I couldn't restrain a giant smile growing on my lips and soon I started laughing for no reason! :worship:
Happiness or insanity? You choose. :lol:

Next time I drink I will raise more than one glass and toast to a future filled with awesome music by Dan Swanö and friends! :kickass:

How can I know it will be awesome? Well, you don't question the law of nature, do you? :D
Awesomeness! :dopey:
Thanks Dan!! :)

Edit: oh, and this is just beyond XD

Dan Swanö;8731697 said:
IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT (SANDRA) feat. Marcus Vanhala on Lead Guitar

I looooove these songs! :loco:
Thank you Dan for the update and like everyone else here i am soooo absolutely excited for all these fourth coming projects!!!!! Of course now all our excitement levels have been put through the roof! haha
Definitely can't wait to see what comes of this. If it's coming from Swano, it's gotta be great! Haha. :kickass: