First time I am on a masterPRIECE!!! Exciting. As shit. That cover looked real nice. Gay, but nice. I don't know who this fucken Ivan guy is but he's obviously ok as an artist, huh?
*woot* :) :cool:

That's cool, but I really dislike cover songs as opposed to originals for the most part, though I'm sure they will be great.

I think there are exceptions, there are sometimes people who improve the cover song quite a lot in their new version.

On the other hand, doing a cover means that the original must be somewhat good in its structure, or it would not survive all the changes and still be recognizable; and covers are usually done of quite eternal and well-known-songs, or if not well-known songs, then the band is well-known.So that speaks for the suggestion that the original is best anyways.

Quite often I have the case that I like the song, but I just wish it were more metal :lol: - especially all those everlasting pop-songs - so covers by people like Dan are very welcome.
My credit card is waiting to support my favorite artist. You do want my moneys Mr.Swanö? Better hurry while I still have them:headbang:
Just spotted this on Unisound.se:

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