Very cool list of GREAT bands from Brazil

Joe-× said:
Forget prog/power. What about Elis Regina, Bebel Gilberto, Toninho Horta, Maria Rita, Marisa Monte, Badi Assad, Zuco 103, Suba, Federico Aubele, Gotan Project, Daniela Mercury? :)


Hell yeah! Brazilian popular music is a lot better than brazilian metal, no doubt! Gotta love it.. :)
A lot of the metal made in Brazil is generic as hell.. there are good bands, but no real originality...With a few exceptions, of course...
Shaaman, Tuatha de Danann, Viper, Eterna, Dragonheart, Thoten, Nordheim... familiar with all of these and of course Angra and they are great. Not familiar with the others though.

AngraRULES said:
The other day I read a pretty senseless comment by someone saying that "there's not that many good bands in Brazil", and I was thinking about it and figured that not that many of those seem to be known by some people here in the board....

So I had the fantastic(?!?) idea of compiling a list of great Progressive and Power metal bands that come from Brazil so maybe you guys can check... Who knows, maybe your next favorite band is among these...

Angra - I guess this needs no introduction
Shaaman - This shouldn't need either, but in any case, this is Andre Matos' (former Angra) "new" band.
Tribuzy - Already discussed another thread, can't miss this one!
Mindflow - Excellent technical Progressive Metal out through Nightmare Records.
Tuatha de Danann - Some people may hate this... It's a Folkloric/Celtic Metal band with some Prog influences... Odd, but good.
Holy Sagga (former Sagga) - Very good power metal a la Angra.
Viper - Quite a classic, first band featuring Matos when he was only 15. They have a new line up now.
Dead Nature - Impressive Prog metal band with some power and thrashy influences.
Atlantida - Melodic Prog Metal with some hard rock parts... It's been selling amazingly well on CD Inzane and Laser's Edge and it sounds great.
Akashic - Another progressive metal band with great vocals and musicianship that puts many bands out there to shame.
Sleepwalker Sun - A Prog Metal band with female vocals that is very progressive.
Amazon - Nightwish-like power metal.
Harllequin - New band featuring ex Dark Avenger vocalist. Dark and heavy.
Toccata Magna - Progressive Power metal with Andean influences.
Eterna - Power metal band with Christian themed lyrics.
Khallice - One of the most technical Prog Metal bands from Brazil, they're called Brazil's Dream Theater.
- Power metal band a la Blind Guardian.
Dr. Sin - Hard Rock outfit that steps into metal lots of times.
Heavens Guardian - Power metal band. Good vocalist.
Venin Noir - If you like deep operatic vocals with a little Savatage-like vibe, you will like these guys. Former band of our friend of the forum, Angrafan.
Thoten - Great power metal band that used to feature Tribuzy on vocals.
Symbols - They used to have Edu Falaschi as vocalist. Power and Prog at times.
Fates Prophecy - Good Power Metal band.
Nordheim - Heavy metal band, heavily influenced by Maiden and Priest.
Imago Mortis - Excellent Progressive Power metal band.
Heavenfalls - Great female fronted power metal!
Hibria - Kick ass metal! Period.
Aquaria - Good Holy Land-era-Angra-like (too much sometimes) band.
Thalion - Power metal band with female vocals. They are a bit too young and still have to find their identity. First album not bad at all.

If you guys want their websites to check them out (and hear them), I can provide ya! Enjoy! :headbang:
oh my god... there are people praising Daniela Mercury on a metal site.

This kinda of music is to brazilian metalheads the same thing as Snoopy Dogg and Korn are to an american metalhead!
AcesHigh said:
oh my god... there are people praising Daniela Mercury on a metal site.

This kinda of music is to brazilian metalheads the same thing as Snoopy Dogg and Korn are to an american metalhead!

Hmmmm... no.

Daniela Mercury is not a rapper nor she is an alternative metal band. She is just a popular music singer.

And if people are praising her may be a sign of an open mind... Not a bad sign at all.
Rata Blanca is from Argentina...

Brazilians and Argentinians (Argentines?) are just like British and French or Turkish and Greek... not very friendly! LOL

I had to start this since I am very proud of the bands from my homeland. It's unfortunate they don't get the attention they deserve.
Having listened to Arwen a bit I have one question: Are they even still together? The only thing I've found of them on the web is old reviews and one very out of date website that went down like 2 weeks later and has yet to resurface as far as I can tell.