Vintersorg Lyrics in English

Run! Before Morgana arrives in force! ;)

ana gets here and sees what you ask for ;)Actually, yes, they are already posted around. Look for some threads about songs, Fjelltussa made some very good translations :)
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Shouldn't we gather all of those translation and create a thread dedicated to that and no babling allowed?

Most translation are in one thread... and not hard do dig out. Mark put more threads on one site, so it's even fast to find. don't think there is a need of making another new one, just use that old one and transfer the rest in it... but thinking of UM and the bandwidth, things not really need to be repeated again, just add the links in one so it's easy to find for every one... even for the lazy people on this board!
well, there's tons of babbling between each translation...which is not very good since when you link to a thread, it doesn't link at the exact place, but at the begining of the thread(at least, for what I've seen) That's why I was thinking about a translation dedicated thread, and a translation-related babble thread, and erase the old ones once the usefull stuff has been copied somewhere else. and there it goes, no bandwith probs for um! And easier translation finding. And the first post of the thread about translation should be it's index: so you'd know on wich page to look for what you search. I would personnally do it, but only have a limited access to a computer and it has a 56k, so it would be pretty long....and I will lose access to this computer before next month....
No thread will get erased unless the maker or the UM security really think it is in need!

Maybe the translation can be placed on a website, cause you will always get someone coming across writing something in the translation thread... esp. newbies!
If you really want the translation only, it should be placed on a website, so it keeps free of comments.
Maybe Final_Vision can place them on the forum member site... maybe I find time to put it up on my site... but since it's done by forum members it would be nice seeing those on the forum website... :)

But then, if it was on a website, it would be more difficult with help to translate... Like in my mtranslations, there are many words I haven't translated, but needed help with.... Else it's a good idea. Much easier to find, then. :)