Vital Remains

christcrusher said:
Iniquity is a pretty kick ass band, I haven't heard their new stuff as of yet. I WILL FINALLY SEE SUFFOCATION THIS WEEKEND in Vegas...Very fucking excited about that, indeed!

Hey Patric, do me a favor and spell out ?Skol? You know, the Danish Cheers!!! Later on :)

Haha fucking oath, that's definately a word you'll have to use if you come here!! It's spellt Skål and that goes for ALL Scandinavia. See we have this great umm Vodka culture here except I'm more un-civilized than other Scandinavians. Yeah.

Oh yeah, Suffocation! One of my favorites. Now that we're on the subject of Danish Death metal, have you heard Exmortem? Brutal shit!
Pesonally. I thought "dechristianize" was merely OK, completely over rated and underproduced. its deicide/hate eternal with a few interesting epic parts. without suziki's harmonies it would be just another blasting US dm album. It not bad but only two of three of the tracks stood out (the ones with coll harmonies), just my opinion.
And so is the song you're listening to there...hey, I can still remember back to last year when I came home to visit my parents in Denmark every weekend. On the way back I shopped at this metal store and godDAMN it was so cosy that night wathcing Creepshow, eating chips and listening to motherfuckin TARA. Sorry, just an old memory that popped up.
Haha yes I can see that on your avatars. Hey I picked up Diabolic finally and they're bad ass, been playign it quite a lot. Though I've been very down the last few days so I've listned to more mellow stuff like umm Type O Negative, Down etc.
The creepshow is one of my favorite horror movies from when I was growing up, cREEpshow one that is.

*White haried satanic monkey creature , eating that doods nagging wife.

*The kid that plays voodo on his abusive dad

*Ted danson from Cheers, getting burried in the sand having high tide drown him, making hime come back as a zombie to kill the naked gun guy. haha

*The old guy that wants his CAKE. and that chick kills him for nagging so much. ALot of nagging in this movie hehe.'

shit comming back form the grave rules.

the cockaroch story wasnt to badd....
GodDAMN, John we'll arrange an all-night hangout with all our Creepshow videos, chips and 45 beers mmmmkay? And REMEMBER, Amytivílle that first one owns too.
Oh man, I'll keep reminding you! It's some of the most scary, hautning movies ever done combined with a lot of gore and just bizarre shit. Wow, so you ARE coming to Europe?? We'll hang out for sure!
Watched it yesterday and it still gives me the fucking chills. Woohhhoo and THAT, friends, isn't words you here everyday from such a big tough Danish boy...