Vital Remains

Yeah, that movie is on quite a lot here on cable. I always see it on Sci-Fi! haha. Speaking on which, I actually just bought the original Halloween on DVD, what a fucking classic. The horror music is so fucking halarious, makes me laugh everytime, and it is pretty scary compared to the horror theme music used in later releases.
Oh yeah, Micheal Myers! I named my dog Jason for more reasons than one. Another sick favorite definately to watch is DERANGED, it's basically about Ed Gein but the thing it that everything is left to the details, I shit you not!
Yeah, the lasst movie I saw about Ed Gein was kinda lame. It was more or less an "editted" marketing attempt. I think the only thing they showed was part of the woman he had strung up like a pig cut open and shit--in his shed. That, and a finger and possibly a vagina cut out. Lame! It was in Blockbuster too, there was my first clue--haha
Never saw it actually, it's the one just called Ed Gein right? Check out a sick movie called Ted Bundy about-you guessed it-Ted Bundy. Very intense! Now that I think about it, that guy needed some therapy...
christcrusher said:
hahahahaa Xantax RULE! That one TED BUNDY movie was not that bad, it acutally was done pretty well. But, I think it could have been done better personally...more gore!
Shit yeah, and Prozac also. Anyway ah, yeah it's not that gory but still you get this broad picture of the guy. Hahaha...was fun being longhaired in DK a few years back cause of Peter Lundin, that metal serial killer. Quote- "I'm vicious and delicious..."