Vote on the next song for the SOUTH AMERICAN ANTHRAX TRIBUTE


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Mar 26, 2005
South of Heaven
HI there!

As we give the INDIANS...NOT! tribute its final touches, here´s a chance to vote on one song for us to make avaiable for you before its official release.

This is the list of the songs we have already received... the one who gets more votes on the next couple of days will be released at

1.Blakk Market : Indians
2.Abhorrent : A.I.R.
3.Still Life : Metal Thrashing Mad
4.Cavefish : NFL
5.Carrots From Hell : Armed and Dangerous
6.Rhestus : Gung Ho
7.Kremate : After Shock
8.Dynahead : Random Acts of Senseless Violence
9.18 Anger : Inside Out
10.Arena Age : In My World
11.Scratsch : Be All End All already avaiable
12.Celmys : Soldiers of Metal
13.Crushed : I Am the Law
14.Envoken : Only
15.Helltrucker : Deathrider
16.NFB : Lone Justice
17.Noise In Blood : Fueled
18.Seeds of Rock : Refused to Be Denied
19.Sharpen : Madhouse
20.Unliver : Now it´s Dark
21.BR Nok : Crush
22. Tchandala: Among the Living

C´mon guys, tell us what you want!! :headbang: