Warm up Songs

Malicious Misery

Elegant Gothic Lolita
So vocalists, what are some of your favorite songs to warm up with or just to sing for fun? Some of mine are:

Shiroi hada ni kuruu ai to kanashimi no rondo - Malice Mizer
Au Revoir - Malice Mizer
Bicycle Race - Queen
Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
Over the hills and far away - Nighwish
Tell me - hide
Forgive my ignorance, but Malice Mizer is a j-pop band, correct?
I am not a singer, but Queen rules, as does Nightwish! I can't wait for their new album!! w00t^^
Yea Malice Mizer is a jrock/pop band, maybe also Visual-k? I prefer Gackt-era Malice Mizer, hehe 'cause they seem to try to be "heavy" after that.
before I sing I make up a song about the water I'm drinking, or about someone's sexual preference who is in the room, but mostly I scat in a high pitched voice. yep, probablly not warming up, but very fun:D
I don't sing lead, but rather harmony. To be honest, though I play metal, I find 70's rock bands like The Eagles, Aerosmith, Queen and Boston to get my vocals stretched out because they have excellent harmonies and are pretty challenging to hit. Vanden Plas, Fozzy, and Accept (though a totally different style of "harmony") are metal bands that have some good harmonies as well.

Warming up is something I don't tend to do much other than just actually going through the track a few times maybe before recording - if you're talking about playing live, well, back when we did that I never warmed up...probably wouldn't have mattered because I wasn't that good back then. :lol: In the odd chance I do, Queen does work, as does Blind Guardian because I usually have a similar vibrato...but Hansi sings way screechier than I can manage. Edguy always works because I have kind of the same pitched voice.