What about My Dying Bride

Turn Loose The Swans to start with.
Personally I like The Dreadful Hours and Songs Of Darkness Words Of Light alot too.
Everyone loves turn loose the swans. I haven't heard it in about a year so I forgot what the album sounds like. I just heard 2 new tracks off the new album Songs of Darkness Words of Light! They both sound killer! Keyboard's take the place of violins on this album but can easily be mistaken as such! I'm gonna pick it up next week. I need to stock up on MDB...I've heard most of their catalogue but only own"Like Gods of the Sun"...Which is very hard to get into. Not their best effort but I find it underrated now that it finally hit me. One song off that album that blew me away when I first heard it was "Kiss to Remember". One of my fav songs ever.
Quick Album by Album Summary:

As the Flower Withers- Doom/Death which definitely has it's moments, but when the band leans towards the death side it becomes rather weak.

Turn Loose the Swans- Dark and dynamic with an excellent mix of clean and growled vocals, lots of violins and keyboards and excellent songwriting. Very passionate and emotional.

Angel and the Dark River- An emphisis on their gothic elements and a elemination of the death elements. Nevertheless a brillant work with phenominal songwriting, melodies, and violin gallore. Their best work IMO.

Like Gods of the Sun- Even cleaner then Angel... this album really lacks heart (other then a few standout tracks such as "A Kiss to Remeber" and "For My Fallen Angel") and the songwriting is rather dull and unoriginal with bland structuring and riffwork.

34.7888% Complete- The loss of their excellent violinist and drummer altered their sound a lot- there are few doom elements remianing in their sound by this point. This is dark, somewhat electronic metal. Hard to describe. Good but far from great.

The Light at the End of the World- A return to doom metal, including the return of growled vocals. At times excellent, but way too much filler.

The Dreadful Hours- The bands passionate and powerful ressurection with excellent song writing, tons of dynamics and a wide array of vocals.

Songs of Darkness, Words of Light- Very melodic with very full production and lots of life. The songwriting in and of itself isn't as impressive as TDH but this is still a top notch release.

So I'd say start out with The Angel and the Dark River, Turn Lose the Swans, and The Dreadful Hours... probably in that order. If you enjoy those then go for the others...
I would say start with Songs of Darkness, Words of Light for the following reasons.
1.) It's going to be the easiest to find.
2.) All of the songs are strong.
3.) Excellent production/sound quality. Much better than the previous records.
4.) It's not 34.788%...Complete. (Avoid this one; doesn't really represent the band's style.)
5.) Good dynamic balance on the album.
6.) A more accessible listen than the others.

All in all, SoDWoL is an excellent album, but it lacks some of the emotion found on previous releases. I would give it 8.5/10.
Whatever has God Is Alone on it. I think it's an early EP or something.
I've got The Light at the End of the World and Songs of Darkness, Words of Light. Both very good cd's imo, however I am rarely in the mood to listen to them. It's just a little too slow and drug out for me.
By BM , you mean Black Metal ????
I don't think we could consider them as a Black Metal band even if you can listen to some of MDB in bands like Cradle Of Filth...
But yeah , MDB is such a great band...i can't think about a bad album...i would say the less good would be the first one...
MDB are nearly as good as many would have you believe.

There are many better doom bands out there, for example, Mourning Beloveth make MDB look like happy gay sailors in comparison.
Aye, an incredible band...Solinari is one of my all time favourite albums, Heavy/Doomy but melodic too...not that M.D.B arn't good though! heh, but straying from the point...the Trinity album might be best for starters, as it's a compilation covering the band's first three releases, it kind of softens the blow of their gradual change in sound (through 'Symphonaire...' to 'Like Gods of the Sun')

34.788%... Complete was total change & suprise...but my most played album by them :S

weird that.
I aggree with Erik on 'Symphonaire Infernus et Spera Empyrium', it's a complete masterpiece, from the lyrics to the arrangements, in all their years as a band they've never topped it. It was the first MDB song I heard oddly enough, as well as 'God Is Alone' Brilliant stuff.

The New Morgion...I havent given much time to it yet (!) Solinari has been stuck in the cd player (intentionall) for about 3 months, along with the Mithras albums and Nile's 'In Their Darkened Shrines'...ahem. I don't think it'll top Solinari, but it sounds good so far, i got a hold of the track 'Ebb Tide' and 'The Mourner's Oak' from their official page, but haven't really listened to the other tracks much, although i think i hear a small "mellower" development in the band's sound, theres more ambient/quiet parts to the songs...specially when compared with 'Among Majestic Ruin'...