what are they playing on tour


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Dec 2, 2001
Suffolk, England
Im going to the london gig next week.
Just curious as to what stuff they have been playing on tour recently. Hopefully they will do different stuff to when they came at X-mas - esp more from Still Life and more (at least 1!) of the lighter tracks - but they had better play Bleak again.
yeah i sort of don't wanna know, i knew last time and i think the thing about going is not knowing and expecting, and not recieving blah blah. im hoping for maybe Patterns in the ivy 2 and harvest this time, maybe the moor too.

all in all they cant really play a rubbish/poor/alright song, all are great, and i know im gonna love it again, see you all in London...
i saw them a week ago, they played: leper affinity, forest of october, white cluster, advent, drapery falls and demon of the fall.