What are your favorite Opeth albums?

Black Metal

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Apr 9, 2002
What are your people's favorite Opeth albums?

My Arms, Yours Hearse
Still Life
Blackwater Park

I like them all equally. All of the Opeth albums masterpieces.
I think MAYH is my favourite so far, but I am still to purchase Orchid and Still Life. Maybe I'll change my mind later.
I dont have Orchid o MAYH yet but heres how I rank them 1)Morningrise
2)Still Life
3)Blackwater Park although there all great and I so far love everysong I've heard by them except "Paterns in the Ivy"(not perticularly bad but just nothing special)
MAYH is the defining one and the one which flows best...

It's also the most artistic one to my ears, so is BWP though...

Anyway, to have a nice logical conclusion, MAYH is a summer album and as I am a summer person, I pick MAYH. :D
Whoa, I just noticed this quick reply thing. That is the best ever.

BWP had the most staying power for me. But I bought MAYH and Still Life together and listened to those constantly for quite some time too. Morningrise got quite a bit also. I guess Orchid is my least-listened one. It's not as if I don't like it, I just find myself choosing other albums over it when I pull something out.