What did you buy at PP?

Good god, looking at some of these lists, I am feeling list envy. On the other hand, my bruised ego is cushioned by a great deal of cash that I didn't spend. :)

My own (feeble) haul:

Pain of Salvation "BE" DVD
Orphaned Land -- "Mabool"
Sonata Arctica -- "Reckoning Night"

Yeah. Looking at the vendors during the PC69 set was fun, but I didn't have all that much to buy. I order stuff all the time from The End Records, and since they have free shipping, there's no difference from ordering online and coming and buying there, but it was still great fun. I was getting wide eyes seeing some of the people plopping down six DVDs and tens of CDs down on the counter. :D

What I was there to get was some Freak Kitchen, since the places online that have that have shipping costs and I thought I would just get some at Prog-Power and save that money (I'm spoiled with shipping from ordering with The End). I was a bit disappointed to only find the self-titled album. The guy there told me they had 'Appetizer,' but someone must have picked that up before I got there. At least I got one.
Atheist - Unquestionable Presence reissue
Atheist - Elements reissue
Savage Circus - Dreamland Manor
Opeth - Orchid
Biomechanical - The Empires of the Worlds (a likely top 5 contender for the year!)
Liege Lord - Master Control
Loch Vostok - Dark Logic
Divinity Destroyed - Eden in Ashes
Zero Hour - A Fragile Mind
ProgPower DVD and shirt
LotFP - "Scum" shirt

... plus two big, goofy Atlanta tourist shirts from the gift shop near Houlihan's... I needed something WHITE to wear around during the day. One of the shirts I bought was so gay... it's got a big goofy wreath on the front, and it says "Atlanta". It might as well say, "I'm not from around here". :)
Barking Pumpkin said:
CD InZane Table:
Freak Kitchen - Freak Kitchen - J-Dubya's band pimping was not wasted :D


...Heh! Cool! Let me know what you think. The s/t one is the most "out there" of the bunch.... :Spin:
Who knows, maybe they might make the roster one of these years... ;)
Okay, here's my haul:

Zero Hour,
Orphaned Land, The Beloved's Cry
Opeth, Ghost Reveries
The End Records sampler
Epica, Consign to Oblivion
Pelican, The Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw
Pelican, March Into the Sea
Satyricon, Nemesis Divina
Sirenia, Sirenian Shores
Kingston Wall, II
Atheist, Unquestionable Presence
Zero Hour, A Fragile Mind
Stride, Imagine
The Lord Weird Slough Feg, Traveller
Twilight Odyssey, self-titled
Orphaned Land, 10" Ararat EP
Sonata Arctica t-shirt
PPUSA 6 t-shirt
PPUSA 5 t-shirt
LotFP t-shirt
Orphaned Land Mabool t-shirt
autographed Orphaned Land setlist from the acoustic gig
Orphaned Land pendant (sans cord)
PPVI t-shirt
Collage - Living in the Moonlight DVD
Mostly Autumn - The V Shows DVD
Leger de Main - A Lasting Impression
Wobbler - Hinterland
Leaves' Eyes - Vinland Saga
Zero Hour - A Fragile Mind
Pendragon - Believe
Stride - Imagine
Ayreon - Loser single
Ayreon - Come Back To Me single

I also bought 12 bottles of overpriced water hitting on Maria only once.

I wish I had bought a corset.

Satyricon, Nemesis Divina

Awesome! I was surprised to see this disc at the show, and I'm even more surprised to see that someone bought it. ;) One of the best "troo" black metal discs ever.
I was so good this year. Instead of buying steadily throughout the weekend, I did my shopping during the early GB period, and was done. Until, Damn it, I saw Therion. I had to go out and buy two Therion CDs. Damn them for being so good live.

Here's what I picked up:

Allen / Lande - The Battle (Good so far)
Avian (Sounded great at the Nightmare table)
Nevermore - This Godless Endeavor (Zod forced me :)
Pagan's Mind - Enigmatic Calling
Redemption - Fullness of Time
Savage Circus - Dreamland Manor (Went to the listening party - Awsome!)
Spheric Universe Experience - Mental torments
Stride - Imagine
Symphorce Godspeed
The Storyteller Tales Of A Holy Quest
Therion Sirius B/Lemuria
Therion - Theli
ProgPower DVD

There are more "blind buys" here than I've bought in a looooong time. Here's hoping they pay off.

Steve in Philly
My turn!

Manticora - Hyperion
Manticora - Darkness With Tales to Tell (bye bye MP3s, oops did I say that...)
Kamelot - The Black Halo (yes, finally)
Primal Fear - Seven Seals (not as good as I would have hoped)
Masterplan - Aeronautics (see above)
Stride - Imagine (awesome!)
Pink Cream 69 - Thunderdome (best yet?)
Into Eternity - Buried in Oblivion (yes, finally)
Battlelore - Third Age of the Sun (love em! Glenn PPUSA VII!)
Nightwish - Nemo single (don't care for singles but it was cheap)
Hammerfall - Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken (I know what to expect when I get a new Hammerfall disc, I love it)
Spheric Universe Experience - Mental Torments (hm, need to listen more...not as good as I was hoping on the first run through)
Starbreaker - S/T (see above)
Subterranean Masquerade - Suspended Animation Dreams (friggin awesome, buy it if you're looking for something original and refreshing!)
Icarus Witch promo (can't wait to check this out, loved the sampler tune!)
Dead Nature - Pure Impressions (see above)
Savage Circus - Dreamland Manor (I don't get it...the drummer from Blind Guardian leaves Blind Guardian, to release a new Blind Guardian disc that isn't really Blind Guardian...or is it? Only thing I can figure is he missed the old days where the band wasn't overblown in vocal layers and mega arrangements. Awesome disc if you like older Blind Guardian. Literally, if someone had played this for me and not told me who it was, I would have said it was a new Blind Guardian disc).
PPUSA DVD - Good stuff! Funny and a good look behind the scenes.

Of course the CD sampler for this year as well (awesome!). Various demos and mini samplers. I also received Opeth's new one when I got home (awesome so far!).
Howdy! Here's what I picked up.

ProgPower VI - shirt
ProgPower V - shirt
Circus Maximus - shirt
Sympthony X - shirt

ProgPower DVD

Stride - Imagine CD
Redemption - The Fullness Of Time CD
Spheric Universe Experience - Mental Torments CD
Orphaned Land pendant
Orphaned Land patch
Orphaned Land t-shirt
Orphaned Land 10" EP

Octavia Sperati - Winter Enclosure
Kamelot - Karma
Tristania - Midwinter Tears/Angina
Demons & Wizards - Demons & Wizards
Beto Vazquez Infinity - Wizard
White Willow - Storm Season
Avian - From the Depths of Time
Battlelore - Third Age of the Sun
Circus Maximus - The 1st Chapter
Leaves' Eyes - Vinland Saga

Nightwish - From Wishes to Eternity
Star One - Live on Earth

PPVI t-shirt
Conception t-shirt
Almost bought an Avian shirt but I didn't want another large t-shirt. Was amazed I got the Conception shirt in small.

Also walked away with a lot of CD samplers & Orphaned Land & Conception guitar picks.
Yeah I spent way way way to much money...

3 PPUSA DVD's for me and friends
7 Shirts (3 Symphony X, PPUSA 6, Outworld - Thanks Bobby you rule bro, PC69 and Circus Maximus)
Psychotic Waltz 3 Disc Set
Circus Maximus - The 1st Chapter
Stride - Imagine
Redemption - The Fullness of Time
Pathos - Katharsis
Avian - From the Depths of Time (won in raffle)
Porcupine Tree - Deadwing
Porcupine Tree - In Absentia
Symphorce - Godspeed
Tribuzy - Execution
PC 69 - Electrified
Zero Hour - A Fragile Mind
Conception - Parrallel Minds

Man I wish I had 300 more dollars to spend on stuff but I had to use that for my booze money LOL

Jibrille said:
Almost bought an Avian shirt but I didn't want another large t-shirt.

Hey I just found a medium! Things got a bit crazy and a we couldn't keep things as organized as we wanted to. You can purchase it via the Nightmare store if you like: Nightmare Records

Here's my haul:

T-shirts: Angra, Blind Guardian, Helloween, Pyramaze, Sonata Arctica, PPV and VI.

CDs: Sonata Arctica (Reckoning Night), Spheric Universe Experience (Mental Torments - this is absolutely amazing!), Azrael's Bane (Wings of Innocence), Primal Fear (Seven Seals), Edguy (Superheroes)
Samplers: Nightmare, The End, Nuclear Blast

DVDs: Iced Earth (Gettysburg), Nightwish (From Wishes to Eternity)

Here is my loot list.

Conception - Parallel Minds

Atheist - Elements (Reissue)

Biomechanical - Empires Of The World

Savage Circus - Dreamland Manor

Nightingale - Nightfall Overture
I've got a shitload of stuff on order from Swano but I couldn't wait! :p

Loch Vostok - Dark Logic
Was suppose to get this from Teddy last year but apparently Bear took it! This disc rules so fucking much. LV for PPVII.

Karaboudjan - Sbrodj
Another Swano project..similar to Pan-Thy-Monium

Finntroll - Trollhammaren

Candlemass - s/t

Symphorce - Godspeed

Novembers Doom - The Pale Haunt Departure
FINALLY bought it! Had it on mp3 for so long, was waiting to grab it at PP.

Symphorce - Sinctuary

Voivod - Dimension Hatross

Pain Of Salvation - Remedy Lane
The only POS disc I'll touch. And only 7 bucks!

Sonata Arctica - Reckoning Night

Orphaned Land - The Beloved's Cry

Riverside - Out Of Myself

Circus Maximus - The 1st Chapter

The Lord Weird Slough Feg - Traveller

Demons & Wizards - Touched By The Crimson King

Overlorde - Return Of The Snow Giant

Frantic Bleep - The Sense Apparatus

Agent Steel - Omega Conspiracy
Wanted this for so long, but wanted it with the Priest cover. Got it for 5 bucks!!

Rhapsody - Legendary Tales
Gotta have my cheese! The only one I don't own...go figure.

Nevermore - This Godless Endeavor

Running Wild - Rogues En Vogue

Nightwish - From Wishes To Eternity
ProgPower DVD

Orphaned Land - Ararat
Orphaned Land - Mabool (Gatefold)
Man this is pretty!
Lion - Trouble In Angel City
Fucking LOVE this album.

Therion - Vovin
Therion - Sirius B
Therion - Lemuria
Solitude Aeturnus Shirt
Both LotFP shirts

Overlorde Poster, signed.

Reading Material
All of those LotFP back issues (though I probably own about 1/3 of them already).

Stuff that got signed
Beyond the Darkest Veils of Inner Wickedness (1989) Demo Tape (huzzah!)
Paroxysmal Holocaust (1989) Demo Tape (HUZZAH!)
Of Darkness... (1991) Vinyl LP (huzzah more!)
And all of the Therion Booklets except a few which I left at home because I didn't think I would get them all signed. DOH!

If it wasn't apparent. I like Therion a little bit.
Brand New Sin - Recipe For Disaster
Biomechanical - Empires Of The World
Starbreaker - s/t
Symphorce - Godspeed
Shane Gaalaas - Hinge

Vicious Rumors - Crushing The World
In Flames - In Live We Trust (2 DVD / 2 CD version)
ProgPower: Behind The Scenes

I had a KILLER time & am already looking forward to next year.....