What do you guys think about Elegy?


Sea of Tranquility
Nov 1, 2001
I've been listening to their entire catalog recently. I started with the Hovinga-era, stuff like Labythin of Dreams and Supremacy, and then moved to the Parry stuff. I guess Manifestation of Fear has always been a personal favourite though I might say State of Mind is equally amazing.

What do you guys think of this band? Which era do you like better? What's your favourite Elegy disc? ... etc.


NP: Elegy - Supremacy
I have Forbidden Fruit and Manifestation of Fear. I think they're both quite good, but nothing amazing or all that great. A couple of gems song-wise though (Angel Without Wings, Behind the Tears). I think Ian Parry has a really great voice..
1) Manifestation of Fear
2) State of Mind
3) Supremacy
4) Forbidden Fruit
5) Lost
6) Labyrinth of Dreams

Parry-era >>>>>>> Hovinga era.

I've seen a lot of people diss MoF, but I think it's because the songs themselves don't really stand on their own very well. It's amazing as an album, though. As far as concept albums go, it's right up there with Scanner - Mental Reservation for me, but not quite up to the level of Savatage or Morgana Lefay concept albums.
Henk Van Der Laars era Elegy is the best era for me, he was an awesome guitarist! State of Mind and MoF are awesome!!!!

Definitely prefer the Hovinga era, although "State of Mind" is equal to any of the early albums. (I often wondered how many of the melodies Hovinga wrote instead of Ian Parry....)

I just don't find Ian Parry's material to be overly memorable. "Forbidden Fruit" had a few nice tracks on it, but the rest of his catalogue was rather forgettable.

And as Claus said "Lost" is frickin' amazing. "Poisoned Hearts" is the best Elegy song period. :kickass:
Great band...I especially liked the Ed Hovinga era stuff (though I really like the Ian Parry albums too!). Hovinga had such a cool "Midnight" quality to his vocals. Surprisingly, he's a ripping guitarist too! Check out his project Mother of Sin, "Apathy"......it kinda sounds like Apocrypha....great vocals from Ed and some shredding guitar work.
+1 - QFT :headbang::worship:kickass:

PHENOMENAL guitar work, and I love the Tony Harnell-isms in the vocals with Hovinga... I like Ian Parry as well - just a totally different vibe
Thought they were quite good in Cleveland, though it was not my favorite lineup

I enjoy both eras, too. Would have liked to have seen them....
Lost rips!