Who do you guys think will steal the show this year?


Aug 1, 2002
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Well, last year I thought Edguy and Angra both had the best shows during the festival. What about this year? I have a very good feeling that Nightwish and Circle II Circle will do it this year.. Can't wait to prove me right or wrong... :loco:

What do you guys think??
I'm not sure who will steal the show, but I know my most anticipated band of PP4 is now Evergrey.

Finally after years of hearing about the band and a few occasions of listening without anything clicking, I finally "get it" and now I must see them.

I don't think anyone's going to steal the show. I think everyone expects most of the bands to totally rock, and they will. If there's one band that may surprise people by rocking their world, I'd say Circle II Circle.
Demonspell said:
A few months ago I might have agreed, but their new one is getting some negative reviews already, and based on what I've heard from it, they are at least partially justified...

you might be right... "Runaway Train" is awesome... but the clip I heard of "1000 Eyes Show" is rather awful... and the song titles are hilarious.
These shows don't get stolen by any one band. The talent level is just too high. Shows get stolen when you have an opener and a headliner, and the opener blows the headliner away. No one in the known universe can blow Symphony X off the stage. They're just too tight, too energetic, and own too strong of a catalogue.

Who will people be talking about, on this board, the week after the festival? Who will receive this years commemorative Angel Dust award? My vote goes for Vanden Plas. I think this band is the most underrated band at the show and will fly in (if they fly in) under a lot of folk's radar. And from what I've heard (Bryant's insane rantings aside), they're very tight and very energetic live.