Which band do you think will be the returning band for the Showcase?


Iced Guardian was taken:)
Mar 27, 2004
Long thread title. So Glenn/Shane had mentioned that the showcase would bring back crowd favorites from "recent years". Which band do you think will come back for next year?
That would be awesome. But doesn't the showcase have the same time-frame rule as the rest of Prog-Power, or at least something similar? If they don't, I will squee with great joy if FK comes back again next year. :D
I really hope Shane can bring back Pagan's Mind to headline the showcase. 2nd choice would be Primal Fear, 3rd choice Firewind.
Would Pagan's Mind be a contender having had an hour & 15 min or is it supposed to be for the even lower seeded bands? I'd have no problem seeing PM, Raintime, Redemption, Firewind, or Threshold come back.
I really hope Shane can bring back Pagan's Mind to headline the showcase. 2nd choice would be Primal Fear, 3rd choice Firewind.

I AGREE !!!!!!
Pagan's Mind and/OR.. Firewind (well I missed Firewind :()
But yeah, PM pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
If there is a repeat (which nothing says that there has to be), I'm hoping for Pagan's Mind, Threshold, or Primal Fear.

I very much doubt that it will be Freak Kitchen since they were a repeat this year because they played the main fest at PP VII. Although I love the band and would welcome the opportunity to see them again, three years in a row is a little much IMO.
Pagan's Mind, Firewind and Raintime would all be awesome, but I'd give anything to see Vanden Plas get another shot at it. :cry:
An immediately returning band would be cool, and my vote would go to Pagan's Mind or Raintime - as they were the most impressive bands this year IMHO.

But I'd rather see a returning band from a past PPUSA - such as Orphaned Land, Wuthering Heights (singer will be here anyway! *grin*), Edguy, Kamelot, or my personal and greedy choice for a showcase headliner: THERION!!!

ProgPower USA promoter Glenn Harveston explains the “Showcase” name, “I changed the name of the pre-party simply because it has outgrown that name and become the unofficial third night of the festival. We now have a chance to bring back the crowd favorites from recent years and keep the main roster fresh as well. It’s a total win-win situation for the fans and the bands. Shane has done a hell of a job with handling Thursday night and I’m happy to see him take it to another level.”

That was form the announcement of the name change. From what I gather, the reason for the showcase is to bring back bands so that the 2 main festival days have a "fresh roster". That does not necessarily mean that we will get a return band for next year's showcase, but then whats the fun of this thread then? :cry: