Showcase announcement... Final 2 bands confirmed!

Killer. Great choices, no doubt! :headbang: nice work Shane!

although... :erk: I will probably miss Krucible's performance at the PP Showcase (but I'll see them at Texas Madfest! HUZZAH!). It appears I'll be picking up a bud - a PPUSA Virgin - from the airport at about 5:30PM the day of the showcase. But we'll be hauling ass straight to the venue from the airport! I hope we're there before Cellador goes on at least.

And on a side note - Primal Fear is what guaranteed this Iowa progpower fan's attendance for the first time since I've known him for the past 5+ years. :cool: He just could have timed his flight better. :cry:

Oh Well.
For those who wonder about Cellador...

I went with a rather large crew to go see Cellador on the All That Remains tour. They were the very first band, only played five songs, had hardly any room on stage to move with every band's gear stacked up, and didn't really get an appropriate sound check.

THEY BLEW THE ROOF OFF THE PLACE. Flat out. I watched the crowd, I watched my friends who came, I listened to the audience chanting their name for 2 songs worth of the PA filler music, and I watched how many people went to their merch table for autographs. Roger, Jeremy and I knew how good these guys were, but Big John and Lacey flipped out after the show. Far exceeded their expectations.

The band itself is addictive. Their singer does NOT suffer from the Dragonforce symptoms of not being able to sing the album's parts live. He nailed all kinds of crazy notes! The guitarists had their two-part harmonies blazing away with as much showmanship as you can squeeze into a bathtub's amount of stage space, but they wailed away and tried their best to move around and be active. Their drummer is ABSURD. How the fuck can he start up that kind of speed metal without warming up??? He didn't even sit down to get comfy on the drumset, he just jumped behind there and BLASTED AWAY.

Y'all will enjoy Cellador without any reservations. With a large open stage and room to breathe, they'll leave an impression like Nocturnal Rites did at Chicago Powerfest. Guaranteed.
KRUCIBLE!!!!!! Hell yes I was hoping for this announcement since Lance joined the band. now Cellador...WOW!!!!! I did not see that coming. Excellent choices!!
As for Cellador, I actually thought they were too big for the main show, much less the pre-party.

No band is too big! :heh:

Cellador have obviously done quite well based on one release, but I don't think they have reached headline status for the Showcase yet or mid-card level at the main fest. Their success has been in reaching the Dragonforce/SA new breed fan and crossover exposure with Headbanger's Ball and the modern tour packages. Bands and Labels know that we are a different scene and demographic. The Showcase is going to give them a chance to play to the "older" crowd who grew up loving the same bands they did instead of asking who Kiske is. Plus, as mentioned previously in this thread, there are a ton of people (myself included) who really wanted to see them, but would not sit through the majority of bands on their tour packages where they were an opening band.

I'm psyched.

Congrats Shane.
Cellador is an American band I forgot about as a contender for the showcase spot. I saw them as an early draw for the main fest, maybe next year, but to have them this year at the Showcase will be great.

I must say, I don't know much about ZlotZ or Krucible, but will look into the band; however, Cellador, Vanden Plas, and Freak Kitchen are all three bands that are top notch and will do nothing but start this fest up the exact right way it should. You've done a tremendous job, Shane. KICK ASS.
As for Cellador, I actually thought they were too big for the main show, much less the pre-party.

C'mon, you can't have forgotten my methodology already!

Cellador has 2182 listeners, which would put them 3rd from the bottom on the main show, and behind Freak Kitchen (5062) and Vanden Plas (3762) at the Showcase. I guess those tour buy-ons haven't been working quite as well as their label had hoped....

Holy crap! :yow: :headbang: Cellador! That's awesome news. I was saying in another thread the other day how I thought they would make a great mid- line-up addition to the main festival next year, but it totally didn't even cross my mind that they would have been considered for the pre-show this year. Great news! I've only heard of Krucible until now, but I'm looking forward to checking you guys out and seeing you live at the pre-show! Thanks, Shane! Great work! :worship:

Can you confirm the playing order for the evening?
See Shane's oringial post (reposted below):
I am pleased to announce that Cellador along with Krucible will be the final 2 bands performing at this years Showcase. Krucible will open the show, with Cellador in the 2nd spot joining Freak Kitchen and Vanden Plas.....
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that Freak Kitchen is set to headline and play last.
Sweet!! can't wait to get my tickets Saturday! I've been trying to get Bill Hudson (Cellador guitar) to come and party with us for the last few years. That Brazilian boy is ca-razy!! Total shocker to see their name for the preparty and totally stocked about it!! Can't wait to hear Shane jam with his band Krucible either :headbang:
Shane's in a band he booked? Big Deal.

HOWEVER, after seeing the Thunderstone performance last year, I am going on record that I will refuse to support a band if Glenn is the singer!!!!

:) Steve in Philly
Shane - Way to go, my brother. You DESERVE to be on that stage!! Can't wait to see you, the rest of the Texas boyz and Lance up there. You have worked very hard for years on this thing, and now look at The Showcase!! I'm looking forward to it maybe even more than the "Main Event"!! Can't wait to see FK again and this will be my first VP show. You have outdone yourself, bro!! :kickass: :kickass: :kickass:

I just listened to that Cellador clip. Two words: HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris :headbang: