what do you think of Discouraged Ones?

Eric B.

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Feb 12, 2006
I just signed up to this forum,I have been a fan of Katatonia for about 11 years now ever since i heard their first mini album (at least i think it is their first). I believe dance of decemeber souls to be a great break through album,so raw and powerfull with emotion, nothing like it at its time. I also like brave murder day. Now my story about discouraged ones, before this album came out i had a dream i got a new Katatonia album and i really loved it. Well, some time later Discouraged Ones came out, i bought it and at first i thought it sucked. Well in due time i began to like it, then i liked it so much i considered it as the best metal album out at its time.

Thats my story,so what do you lot think of this album? I have bought every Katatonia album since this one,pretty much when they first come out, but all in all Discouraged Ones is my favorite. though I am of course looking forward to their newest one.... cheers!
I actually think it's common for Discouraged Ones to not seem all that great at first but to then really grow on a person. For whatever reason, it takes a while for the music to hit the way it can. Personally, I recall enjoying it a bit at first, and then liking it even more later. I still think it's an excellent album.
its definitely the most depressing and the darkest one. too depressing to be my favorite. my numero uno is last fair deal gone down.
"Brave Murder Day" and "Discouraged Ones" bros are my favorites =)

musically (guitars, drums, bass etc..) same, but different sound, different vocals and different feelings..
ummm.........It's incredible?!?!

Is there another answer to that question?

Dont know about it being my favourite album though, cant beat Tonights Decision, probably the most emotion provoking music i've ever heard.....beautiful.
I love all Katatonia albums but I don't think anything can equal the mixture of sadness and beauty the way Discouraged Ones does. Even in the slightly uptempo songs (i'm thinking of Cold Ways) there is just this feeling of pure hopelessness, but at the same time it's comforting. I think the production and the effects have a lot to do with the bleak atmosphere of this album. Possibly my favorite katatonia cd, it's special.
Ha, I remember the first time I heard DO. Before that I had DODS and BMD, and I was just blown away by both of them. And of course I waited impatiently for the next one. Keeping in mind that I was 17 years old Entombed – Hypocrisy oriented girl, I was just like:”WTF? It’s NOT Katatonia… It’s some fucking pop!”. But I liked the music anyway and I listened to this album once, twice… and then I said “wow”. Then I grew up and DO grew up with me. You definitely need to grow up, to lose some illusions to really get into it…I probably listen to it now less than the other Kata albums, just because it reminds me too much of my first boyfriend, r.i.p. But “Cold Ways” is one of my absolute favorite songs of all time.
discouraged1 said:
when i heard discouraged ones in a music store, i thought it was anathema - judgement :)

How on earth :confused:

I think Discouraged ones is, like everyone has already stated, their most depressive album. The other albums hide the discouraging things underneath the music, I think. It's not so obvious on TD, LFDGD etc.
strange how you all say its the saddest of their albums, perhaps i can see why... maybe its what makes it so beautiful, it has that fragilness to it. Ananthema - Judgement, is also a amazing album, I remember when this album came out and i began to really get into it, i stopped listening to Katatonia for a while. To the Swedish girl, we seem about the same age, cheers! What do i think about the bible? an interesting book, the humbling thing i've got from it is the state of having nothing but having everything inside.. the kind of passionate and simple loving towards beautiful and pure states of being
to me Last Resort is one of the most gloomy songs I've ever heard

all the songs on it are hits for me..