What song is being played on the home page?


Lost In Everything
Jun 10, 2002
Threshold of Hell
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Its on the second page (the one with the news posted), after you enter their site. I have the Viva Emptiness CD and Discouraged Ones but the song being played on the homepage (the one thats like an instrumental), doesnt sound familiar to me. I dont know if its the way the song goes or if its in a continuos loop. What song is being played here?
It took me a listen of Evidence to be sure but it was clearly from Viva Emptiness indeed...
Guess you need to listen to Viva Emptiness more...btw you should get Tonight's Decision/Last Fair Deal Gone Down fast. Much better than both Discouraged Ones/Viva Emptiness (EDIT: IMO (A shortening any sentence gets flamed without)). Though I haven't gotten into Discouraged Ones too well yet.
Dammit! I do hear it alot, lol!

I guess I just never noticed it because I have my CDs play on Random alot of the times. Plus the part is only a few seconds and not looped like it is on the site. Its just a part I guess I always over looked and hadnt let sink in yet.

Its kind of like hearing a group you like all the time and you notice somthing that you had never noticed before. Like a riff, or bass line, or interlude, anything, it just always went unnoticed till you hear it and it brings new life to a CD. I know Im not the only one to experience this.