Which katatonia song?


New Metal Member
Jul 20, 2003
on the past website pre the realese of Viva there used to be a music sample that played in the background i was wondering what song is it off coz its not off any of the 3 newest albums is it a b-side or just a little sample only used for the site???
mite even work as a intro for a new song but i agree it wud b kewl if u cud donload the little clip it basically sums up katatonia in a 10 second sample tis great
thnx alot for that man its areally kewl guitar riff i wish i had thought of it for my band lol we play melodic metal most the song i write i use influence from katatonia unfortunatly i havnt got any mp3's up yet but i shud have by the 17th of August coz that wen we record in hte mean while heres my site address sign the guest book if u will http://www.fivedaysofstatic.tk