First Katatonia Album


Fevered Pitch
Jun 9, 2004
Where do you think the best place is to start a Katatonia collection? I think it is "Brave Murder Day" and not "Viva Emptiness"

What was your first Katatonia CD? Mine was "Viva Emptiness"
My first was VE. I guess it is a good album to start with, but it doesn't really matter, as long as you get all of them in the end. :worship:
I think it varies depending on what type of music the person already likes. If they're into heavier stuff, then BMD is definitely the place to start. If not, I think LFDGD is the best. I actually started with LFDGD, even though I like heavier music as well. That album got me totally hooked on Katatonia, even though I still think DO was their finest moment after the style change.
Tonight's Decision
I was hooked very quickly.
DO and LFDGD followed.
I still listen to TD more that the rest.
My first was also Tonight's Decision,but i didn't remember how fast i was hooked,i have always had the feeling,that this album is present my whole life ago..but i think it's fine album to start with,a month or two after hearing it ,i listened to Dance of december souls and i was just more hopelessly hooked..The right moment has also a very important significance..the best is when the right album clash into the right moment..with me it was so..
I started with Tonight's Decision in 1999... then bought Discouraged Ones, Brave Murder Day, and Dance of December Souls. Then I bought Sounds of Decay at Milwaukee Metal Fest 2000 and saw Katatonia live and got all five CDs signed. I got Dance of December Souls signed by Daniel, then realized he didn't play drums on any of the CDs and moved on the next member. I think I hurt his feelings. But they all seemed really depressed (except for Fred, who was getting hit on by this hot chick). I bought LFDGD and VE on the days they came out... and got the Tonight's Music and Teargas singles online, and just recently got Brave Yester Days. I desperately need that Meth CD and the Saw You Drown single. I will pay $50 for them!

My first was LFDGD after that just started buying everything i could find of them... Ideal first album? good question... they are all ideal... just buy them all at once.. eheh
My first album I hear was Elohem...the revival and then brave murder. then i heard discouraged and been a katatonia freak ever since

All albums are great though.
Dance of December Souls and Brave Murder Day, though my first taste of Katatonia, that i really liked anyway, was Dance of December Souls. i heard Discouraged Ones first, and it didn't really do anyhting for me initially.