katatonia amps


disco my arse!
May 24, 2001
Belgrade, Serbia
does anyone know what amps katatonia used for distortion on viva?
line6, peavey, mesa boogie?

i watched them live and noticed they (cleverly) covered all the amps' names.

i doubt anders will tell, cause he'd probably prefer to keep it as a secret..
no its not a secret at all, why we cover some amps live is because we're endorsed and it would look bad exploiting other brands on stage. speaking about live, we usually play our matamps and GT-3 pedal boards.

the guitar sound on VE was created 100% digitally with Digitech virtual amps and distortion and then lots of freefiltering. We weren't really happy with that, but it was the best solution at the time.

Next time, it'll probably be the real warm, tube thing. blending different amps together.
thanx man, i didn't really expect you'd answer to this one.
i understand you weren't so happy with the digital amps, but hey, VE sounds bloody good to these ears! and great you'll use tubes on the next one!

see ya on tour!

you (well, jonas) promised you'll come to belgrade, serbia..!

skåll! :)