What songs would you love to hear Opeth play live?

Orchid - Under the Weeping Moon, The Apostle in Triumph
Morningrise - The Night and Silent Water, To Bid You Farewell
MAYH - April Ethereal, Demon of the Fall
Still Life - The Moor, Serenity Painted Death
Blackwater Park - Bleak, Blackwater Park
Deliverance - Deliverance, By the Pain I See in Others
Orchid - Apostle In Triumph, Twilight
Morningrise - Nectar, Silent Water
MAYH - Karma, April Ethereal
Still Life - Godhead's Lament, Moonlapse Vertigo
Blackwater Park - Bleak (with Steven of course!), Funeral Portrait
Deliverance: A Fair Judgement, Master's Apprentices
April Ethereal
The Night and The Silent Water
The Apostle In Triumph
The Moor
The Drapery Falls
The twilight is my robe
The Amen Corner
Hey everyone
My first post heh

My picks:

The Apostle in Truimph
Twilight is my Robe

Black Rose Immortal
The Night and the Silent Water

My Arms your Hearse:
Demon of the Fall
April Ethereal

Still Life:
Godheads Lament
The Moor

BlackWater Park:
The Drapery Falls

Ive never seen opeth live but I would absolutely love to. Does Opeth ever play BRI live? Its a question I have had for a while.
In Mist She Was Standing
Forrest of October

To Bid You Farewell
(sorry but playing BRI in a set is pointless)

My Arms, Your Hearse-
Demon of the Fall

Still Life-
The Moor
White Cluster

Blackwater Park
The Drapery Falls
April Ethereal
The Night And The Silent Water
The Moor.

^ A set like that would allow me to die a happy fellow.
a set with hmm 7 songs would be:

Blackwater park
Serenity painted death
The night and the silent water
April ethereal
In mist she was standing
and as a final: Black rose immortal!