Which monitors and where to buy em?

Apr 5, 2015
Hi guys,
I need to buy some monitors for mixing. The room is not treated and I plan to mainly mix metal/rock for now.

I was looking at the Yamaha HS8 as my first choice. My budget is around 700 but I would prefer to get it lower so I don't mind used.

My questions are:
(1) Are there any other monitors I should also check out? I can probably go down to the local stores and have a listen but not sure what are the comparable monitors apart from KRKs
(2) Where do you guys buy monitors? Are there good dependible places to buy used gear(apart from here ofcourse)? Or even resources with discounts.

HS7. More than enough bass extension unless you're doing electro and a lighter faster boomer. I actually prefer them to the HS8.
A friend of mine has HS5s and I prefer my D5 to them. For a first pair the D5 be pretty good, I'd consider them over the HS7 or HS8 if your room has potential bass build-up issues.
Maybe I'll get insulted for that ahah! But I really enjoy the Behringer Truth B2031A. I think they're great for the price!
Equator D5s seem to be pretty cool

So you guys got me thinking, the new room I'm in is quite different from the old one so I probably don't need 8s. Plus the acoustics are pretty bad thanks to the structure of the room. Using my incredible art skills, I created a detailed blueprint of the room I'm in. The room is about 14 feet wide and really really long.

I'm renting and sharing so treating the room is unfortunately not an option. I do most of my mixing on headphones(Beyer Dynamic DT770 pro) but I definitely need some monitors.

So keeping this setup in mind, what recommendations?
I was going to say: "Have you tried their website?" Out of stock. I've seen a website (in the UK) saying they'll have them around May 11th. Guess you got to wait. Or maybe someone else has an idea?
Wanted to throw some more contenders in the mix, any opinions on

KRK Rokit 5
Presonus Eris 5
Adam F7(winner of SOS award)
Event 20/20

Figured I could make do with a lower budget pair until I have money to move to the next level.
Wow, Sam Ash is still around. Had no idea lol.

I've got a buddy who is a manager at a Sam Ash out in Nashville I think. He always has these insane deals.....few weeks ago he posted a pic of a live-in road case for a Mesa 4x12. Price tag says $599. I thought it was for JUST the case. I was wrong, it was for the case and the cab. And the cab was mint. I feel like such a douche for letting that slip past me!!