Who's your inner rock star?

Mine is Ricky Martin :eek: :eek:

"Que hombre, ay yai yai. The rock star part of you is all Ricky Martin. You've got moves that make the ladies hearts go a-flutter, and style that goes for miles. That suave Latin charm is just too intoxicating, and it means that wherever you go, people read superstar all over you."
Mine is Lenny Kravitz

The rock star part of you is all Lenny Kravitz—a sexy powerhouse and unbridled megastar. Equal parts funk, soul, and psychedelia, you and Lenny embody one fundamental principle: Let Love Rule. You're a smooth, sensual persona—backed up by undying professional success—people can't get enough of you, especially the ladies. Because you're a wild passionate soul, no one is ever sure what you're likely to do next—jump off the stage or don a feather cape—but whatever it is, it's sure to please the crowd. So keep it loose and feed your inner Lenny!
Mine is Ricky Martin too.
There can't be three Ricky Martin's in one site.

So Evil from now on I'll call you as Piccini Ricky Martin.
And Orchid I'll call you as Lorenzo Ricky Martin.
Damnit! When I tried to take the test the site was down...
Now that it seems to be up again, I won't do the test as I'm too drunk... But I'll check it out tomorrow. :)
Guess what? My inner rock star turned out to be some guy named Paul B. Dickinson ... Damn, at least I could have picked someone famous! :mad:
Itay, your inner rock star is Beck!

Yeah baby, the rock star part of you is all Beck...

:confused: :eek: :loco: :p