Why a post about Pink Floyd?


Jun 13, 2001
I don't form a lot of threads here. When I do, it's usually for a good reason (not liking to cry wolf and all) - people tend to pay more attention to them when they're fewer and further between.

But I digress.

A few weeks ago, my visiting friend put on Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd after smoking some weed. Now the album won't leave my mind. I'm listening to it daily, and I can't get it out. I was only into a little Pink Floyd before this, but it's kind of consuming me, you know?

The music is simple, while having some very progressive elements (if I know prog right..). It's a fantastic concept album with extremely vivid imagery. Words and superlatives fail me when I speak of how much I like (love??) this album.

And please don't write me off as a pot-head raving about stoner music.. because I'm not. The fact that I was baked merely allowed me to concentrate on the music when I first heard it.

I've heard some people mentioning Pink Floyd before, so I figured I could mention it here safely. Some of their earlier stuff doesn't really interest me, and I haven't heard anything past The Wall, but their style and vibe and groove and soul, etc, just.. carries me.

Enough ranting now..but I thought I'd share it with you at the very least.
About a month ago I saw Wizard of Oz along with Dark Side of the Moon, was VERY cool. I like the blending of genres a lot.. I've gotta wait for some $$ (cashish!) to come in so I can pick those up.

Dark Side of the Moon has sold over 25 million copies or something.. not too shabby!
Wish You Were Her, track 5, around the 3:30 mark, this dual-guitar bit starts up, sounds like Theramin (the weird magnetic instrument that does the background squeal in "Good Vibrations" by the Beach Boys.

Love that part. Mmmmmmm.
Alot of people say that Animals is their most underrated. They are right. It is a beautiful and extremely well done concept album. You should really check that one out if you havent heard it, especially the song ­Pigs (Three Different Ones)­.
I think Division Bell is a wonderful album of guitar work, a masterpiece. But its also one of the biggest rip offs ever. hehe
I LOVE pink floyd too :) :devil: The Wall the film is a marsterpice like the album. I like all the stuff I have, thats only darkside of the moon, the wall and the division bell :( But interestingly (or not so as the case is) Sid Barret went to my school :) And one of my friends cousins was in the band for a while. Which I thought was cool when I found out :)
I love Pink Floyd, The Wall is cool but i also enjoy the Pulse Concert, if you like the really weird stuff too you should check out UMMAGUMMA. I will end my post in agreement with Somberlain in saying that a Saucerfull of Secrets is a wonderfull album but i love all of them of course.
Ahh... the "watching the Wizard of Oz to Dark Side of the Moon" trick. I remember doing that - it's pretty damn cool, the way Dorothy moves her head while (she would be, had the volume been on) singing "Somewhere over the Rainbow", oddly perfectly timed to little syntheziser sounds and other effects panning back and forth in "On the Run", the way the little elf guys dance to "Money"...

Dark Side is just a cool experience of a record, and I'll always hold The Wall as one of my fave records ever - the consummate Rock Opera, give or take a Tommy or a Quadrophenia.

I must admit I'm pretty much unfamiliar with Animals, although I suppose I'm going to have to adjust this now...
I'd have to say I liked Pink Flyod the movie the best. The butthead judge and those curious flowers... :err:
i had animals for like... a week... when my friend left his cds at my house..... hmmmm i thought it wasnt very good - but that was around the time where i thought opeth was pretty bad too.. actually i dont think i was even that into metal... or good music..... so i better listen to it
Pink Floyd are a very special band to me. I consider them a turning point in my life! They were the one's who have opened my eyes to the beauty of progressive music which brings me to this day, a huge Opeth fan.
However when I explored the style further I realized that there was a band that surpassed Pink Floyds music: "Camel". If you are a prog fan... I suggest you go out and buy a Camel album today! The good thing about them is theyre still releasing albums unlike Pink Floyd who last released an album in '95 "The Division Bell".
Division bell is a really cool progressive album. Tracks like "Marooned". "High Hopes" and "A Great Day for Freedom" are some of my favourties! Some songs sound poppy however, using instruments like the Sax which i really dislike. If you want a modern day Pink Floyd album that sounds really good, I recommend "A Momentary Lapse of Reason". Rock on Prog Fans!