Winter Of A Life

Holy schmoly! Not yet, but which address did you send it too? I moved in the last 2 weeks, ya bastid, lol. WHich means, they'll forward it to the new one... soon. Glad to see you hit the POffice AND that you are back online? Folks was ASKIN' about ya!
Actually, you are OFF on the street address, it's Jerk-Off Studios, 69 suite 666, Wanker Street. 69 (no suite number) is actually the address of Circle Jerk Productions, which is no affiliation to me... atleast yet! :)

Btw, it arrived yesterday at the address-that-shall-not-be-named and I offer you my thanks. It didn't really smell, though, so I don't know whether to THANK you or submit a complaint to the post office, heh heh.

OH yeah, get me YOUR address again, I gotta send you something, in advance of your next CD release, brother.
singer sounds a little uninspiring

I have a videogame perfect for you...

THAT is inspiring. :-D

Horses Eyes, they can see through your immodest pride.
What the hell :D Is there such a pc game really ? What do we do in the game ? Ride the horse ? What about the girl :loco: