Wolverine's "A Pleasant Shade of Gray Part XII" cover


Sea of Tranquility
Nov 1, 2001
Hey Stefan and Losbjer,

Looking back, what do you think of your cover of this great Fates Warning song? Do you remember how and why you were approached to do this cover? I have always argued that The Window Purpose is heavily introduced by Fates Warning. Maybe that's why I love it so much. In a time when every other band was doing the Dream Theater thing, you guys came up with this totally dark, Fates Warning-inspired album... were you guys a fan? Did you choose the song or were you specifically asked to do it? Could you talk a little about you recorded those background noises and everything? Also, what is you guys' favourite Fates album? And which other song(s) do you like on this cover disc? I think Spiral Architect's cover is also fantastic.

NP: Wolverine - "A Pleasant Shade of Gray Part XII"
Me and Stefan liked Fates Warning alot those days, I guess my faves are APSOG and Inside Out. I haven't listen to them in years now though. I can't really remember the details around the recording of the song. We got invited (I think) to participate on a tribute album for FW, and we gladly did. I think Stefan remembers more than me. :)
I love the ideas we brought to the song. Of course I'd prefer to re-record my vocals since I'd like to think I have developed a bit since then. I have no idea why we didn't redo the note towards the end of the song which is extremely out of tune...

As for Fates Warning, I love the band. I guess my favorite albums would be 'Parallells', 'Inside out' and 'APSOG'. I can't stand the material of the Archer-era but everything with Alder (except most of 'No limits') is top notch stuff.