Woohoo! :)

Slash Freeman

Iron Maiden obsessive
Cool! I got my exam results this morning. Not bad, I think you'll agree! :) :

A-----------Human Biology

I was happy, anyway. :)

Only 1 person I know got 5 A's, and I knew she would anyway (and quick, off-topic question to those who know me. Do you think of me as a really "proud" person? ). Congrats to her! :) (plus lots of love, 'cos she'l never see this. And if she does she won't know who I am! :D )

btw, A is the highest grade, going down to F

Whoa, that's freakin' excellent paper! Congratulations my friend! :D

You proud? I don't think so. At least not bad kind of proud anyway. :)