YoU First Song of the Evergrey


Guinness For Me!!!
Jun 23, 2003
Rome Italy
My first song is Nosferatu ,gift in the Italian magazine "Psycho" :)
And then is be Love!

Sorry for my English :p
Mmph. You know, I don't even remember which was the first. As I mentioned in another thread, I downloaded several mp3s before PP 2001 to see what they were like. Solitude Within, Different Worlds, Words Mean Nothing, When Darkness Falls, etc. I think were the first several.
My first song was 'The Masterplan'. I bought The ISOT album first, Mattias Noren adviced that one..So the first song I heard was the first song on that album. After that, I discovered the SDT album in one of the most commercial shitstores here in Holland (strange thing..), so I bought that one too, very much a coincident it was, because at the same time I bought that album, I received a message from Mattias with the cover of Recreation day he just finished.

Still, I like the ISOT album most..
The Navigator said:
Mine was Nosferatu also.

I didn't like 'em at first. But they grew and grew and grew on me until I became a freak.

Great to see you here...your description of Tom sounding like "Blaze's talented little brother" is one of my most memorable quotes from that BB which has since fallen to ruin... :)
I was looking in the InsideOut catalog (you know, the little one that you get in every CD) and I wanted to discover "another great band that would change my life". I searched on internet for Evergrey and I downloaded the song "Dark Waters" (I picked the longest song I found). I really really liked it!!! Now I got other songs in my computer... but I don't want to download more, I just want to buy the album. I know I will have a big surprise when I will listen them, but for now I'm not downloading more, I really want to buy their albums.