YoU First Song of the Evergrey

I first heard some samples from in search of truth but i didn't find it very cool so i wasn't going to buy their album. But later when Recreation Day came out i heard the song recreation day and i loved it! I bought the album i now their my second favourite band after Symphony X. Evergrey rules!
Polyeidus said:
Yes I did. It was also the first time I ever saw the Italian band Consorzio Di Acqua, or Consortium Of Water in English. Their name sounds cooler in Italian.

what is "consorzio di Acqua" ? i'm Italian and I have never felt to speak of this
for every tear that falls

actually i saw the video on TV twice. the first time i didn't dig was too whiny. the second time, a couple years later i enjoyed it and could tell that they had a good style

then i downloaded a few tracks included 'solitude within" which might have been my favorite

i currently only have ISoT whichhh rocks!!!
I heard "I'm sorry" and "The shocking truth" first. I don't think they really sound like metal.
I'm a pretty new listener. first time I heard them was in my friends car; he was playing recreation day. Got home that day, turned on the metal channel and saw the Great Deceiver was playing, that song drove itself into my head, broke down and ordered the cd.
I heard The Masterplan first from the In Search Of Truth album as my first song (since it is the first track). I purchased it without hearing a second from the album, because it looked like something I would enjoy. At first it was a bit odd, since I am mostly a black metaller, but after a couple of listens I began to fall in love with I am in love! :Spin:
i just listened to evergrey for the first time today. i downloaded their album Recreation Day a few days ago and finally got around to listening to it. first song i heard was "As I Lie Here Bleeding". i was blown away! i'm definitely going to buy this album when i get the chance.