Your Favorite Andy Sneap Project

Deadly Embrace

Feb 27, 2002
Bay Area
Name some of your favorite Andy Sneap project's(Produced or Mixed), here's some I thought of:

1. TESTAMENT- First Strike Still Deadly
The Gathering
2. SKINLAB- Bound Gagged & Blindfolded
Disembody The Flesh
Revolting Room
3. NEVERMORE - Dead Heart In A Dead World

4. KREATOR- Violent Revolution

5. ARCH ENEMY- Wages Of Sin

6. PISSING RAZORS- Pissing Razors
Cast Down The Plague
7. STUCK MO JO- Rising
Declaration Of A Headhunter
HVY 1 (live)
8. EXODUS- Another Lesson In Violence (live)

My Favorites are: Wages Of Sin/The Gathering/Rising
I know I am forgetting some others???
Also Andy Sneap has a board here at Utimate Metal, under hosted music, he answers questions, & gives up-dates on his new
project's, etc............................................

:) :) :) :)