Your Music Collection?

I thought that my 2500+ collection of cds was a lot....

Since my second child was born most of my extra cash has gone to diapers and formula so I've cut down to around 15 new ones a month.
I have about 200 CDs. Had 300+, but had to get rid of a load before moving from Canada to N. Ireland. Was mostly crap I never bothered with though. Have a microscopic vinyl collection too. Again, I had quite a few, but ended up getting rid of pretty much all of them. Now only have Bloodbath, Katatonia, Diabolical Masquerade, and some 80s rock/metal stuff. Hoping to change that some day, as I loved listening to them and having them around.
How about pictures of your collection? :) For some reason i just don't trust people when it comes to this subject :p

anyway, some of my rarer ones:

Caul - Crucible Remaster (#39 of 50)
Sea Green Series - Chapter II (unnumbered, direct from the artist with "Copy For Mike Smith" written on it. Originally 99 copies made)
Sea Green Series - Chapter III (#79 of 99)
Sea Green Series - Chapter IV (#48 of 99)
Sphongle - Are You Shpongled (Vinyl, #829 of 1000)

I have plenty of other rare ambient and classical albums, but i won't bother mentioning them, since i don't know how many copies there are total. A lot of it has been out of print for 15+ years.
I have around 450 CDs and 640 albums in mp3 which includes all of my CDs since I only listen to music through my computer and I love the ease-of-use of having all my music just two clicks away.

I have some rare'ish albums (meaning stuff that is out of print now) but nothing so rare that a bit of creative eBaying and the willingness to spend 3-5 times the cost of a normal CD wouldn't fix. Off the top of my head:

Coil - Musick to Play in the Dark volumes 1 & 2
Diabolical Masquerade - First 3 albums (the 1st one bought directly from Blakkheim and came with an autographed letter, *fanboy*)
October Tide - both albums
Rasputina - How We Quit The Forest (rare promo packaging with a crazy booklet)
O Yuki Conjugate - Sunchemical EP (out of print because some ink company sued them)

And probably a few dozen or so other out-of-print CDs that aren't particularly sought after and thus not really worth much.

No vinyl, can't really afford it right now and don't much care about it either. Maybe a few years from now when I have a well-paying job and money to waste.

Pic (top 3 shelves):
probably close to a 100...i have sooo many i want


here is a picture...i have a good bit more than that now though...just gotta find room. my dad has a bunch of old vinyl of bob dylan, skynyrd, ccr, steely dan, buffett, you know basic dad 70's stuff
Probably about 3000 or so between my wife and me (mostly mine). I can't vouch for the quality of all of them, though. Vinyl is limited to when I was a kid and my parents made me buy vinyl instead of cassette (smart folks!): Twisted Sister, Van Halen, Def Leppard, Iron Maiden...

We realized when we had to furnish rooms around our CD's that we needed to change things. We got binders that hold like 750+ CD's, put the jewel cases and booklets in the attic. Since I've ripped most of them, I barely touch CD's anymore. In fact, I can't wait till they go away. They drive the cost of music up (plastic, manufacture, distribution) and they limit contracts for bands, IMO (labels may be reluctant to invest in a major pressing of a disc).

Having all my music on my iPod just rules...I'm so glad to be done with CD's.
I can't believe the amounts of CDs you guys own. I own 40 CDs (give or take) plus maybe 80ish burned ones. I have 7.21 megs of mp3's. I also have like 13 LPs. One day I will inherit my dad's CD collection and then my collection will more than double, but hopefully that's a long time from now. And plus he has a lot of CDs I wouldn't want.
I've been working for about 4 months (1st job ever only being 16 and being too lazy to get a job since then)

good ol' aus, have to make trips to the city to get the cds i want usually..

about 115-120 cds
2500 cd's , plus some vinyl and cassettes yet. Not that I listen to any of those anymore.

My one addiction in life is music and I am obsessed with it.

Most of my collection is from when I was managing a record store. Gotta love promos.
I have slowed way down over the past 10 years but I have around 500 CDs (80% Metal) and have ripped them all for about 40 GB of high quality mp3s. I used to own a huge amount of cassettes back in the day which I chucked in the trash because they became obsolete:D
I have about 550 CDs...I'd probably be close to 600 by now if I didn't trade alot this year. I've really narrowed down the spendthrift Cd buying too, but I guess compared to an average person, I still get quite a bit a month. I own roughly 7 LPs too...elp - tilogy, yes - going for the one, nektar - remembering the future and the Atheist Collection boxset which has all 3 LPs plus their RAVAGE 7 inch demo. I have a ton of burned cds organized in a holder, but I treat those like shit when I get around to playing them. I have a massive folder of mp3s/mp3albums, which I listen to alot.

some rare(pricey) stuff I have:
Schaliach - sonrise
Atrocity - Hallucinations
Ripping Corpse - Dreaming with the Dead
Cancer - Death shall rise
First 2 Gorguts albums
Godgory - Sea of Dreams
Dark Funeral - Self titled ep
Solitude Aeturnus - Beyond the Crimson Horizon

I have some originals of readily available remastered albums, from back when they weren't.
I have no idea how many I have and I'm too lazy to count. I use to have a lot more, but I had something happen that I refer to as "the accident". I had a ton of cds in a cd case and I think they must have fallen out of the car when I opened the door so they are lost forever. I was pissed off about that for a long time.