Your Music Collection?


evil eye
May 11, 2003
I'm sure the topic has been done before, but I haven't seen anything similar in a while. After blowing about $70 cds today, I got to wondering... how big is your collection (mp3s don't count)? Is there anything especially rare that you treasure?

I have about 300 albums on cd, and I don't own LPs except for the Agalloch/Nest split, My Arms, Your Hearse, and The Wall. None of the stuff is cult rare, but I do treasure my signed copies of Deliverance and Damnation and a few limited releases:

Agalloch/Nest [LP]: #400/1000
Alcest - Le Secret: limited 1000
Asgaut - Village: #89/1000
Celestia - Dead Insecta Sequestration [cassette]: #534/1000
Lurker of Chalice - S/T: #434/777
Opeth - My Arms, Your Hearse [LP]: limited 1000
Wyrd - Wrath and Revenge: #236/500
Wyrd - Huldrafolk: limited 900

It's not much, but I'm working on it.
close to 2000 CDs again now...and about 500 LPs.

i sold a lot of cds, but have bought plenty more since. and i wish i hadnt sold off so much of my vinyl collection in the past. but i picked it back up again the beginning of this year.
had 200 cds stolen from me... somehow, I didn't have Damnation, My Arms Your Hearse, or Still Life in my car at the time(I have an MP3 player as well, I was still compiling them all...).
I had almost 300 CDs at one point - but they were stolen.

I am back now with almost 15,000 mp3s. Gank those bitch.
couple of hundreds cd's .. wich are my most precious possessions ;) I wish I had the money to buy lots more, so much I want!
I have a couple of LP's, because I want older music on the original LP, not remastered cd's. I have all the original Black Sabbath LP's (first 6) including Master Of Reality in the poster-edition. 2 original Led Zeppelins, 1 Rush, 1 Jimi Hendrix, 1 The Doors (I want to have them all, but hard to find originals!), and couple of others. I lack money and time to expand my collection for now, I hope in a couple of years I can become a real LP collector ;)
around 180 cds. mind you, i have only just turned 18, and that's about $AU5000 of the last three years casual wages spent on cds, so i'm pretty proud of myself ;) (probably comes to about 1/4, maybe a bit more, of the money i have earnt since the age of 14) yeh, plus around 50 LPs.. mainly 80 cock rock.. but theres some good ones.. mercyful fate, halloween, dio, metallica, motley crue, wasp.. etc etc etc.. nothing real special; got them all for free
Metallica, Pearl jam, Soulfly, Downset, Machinehead, Killswitch Engage, Porcupine Tree, Dream Theater, Opeth, Blues Travellor, Sade (gotta love that slow jazz groove), Genesis, Ice Cube, Dj Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, Ruff Ryders Vol. 1, Alice in Chains, Agalloch, Candle Box, Creed, Big & Rich, Tantric, Eminem, Iron Maiden, Tool, Godsmack, Sevendust, POD, Nine INch Nails, Lacuna Coil, Freedom's Slave.
I guess my CD total is about 6,000 at the moment.

I still have quite a bit of vinyl, but intend to get rid of most of it fairly soon (apart from a few bands that I wish to keep).

I have been collecting for years.