Your own pictures thread

lol too short fringe *grown out now*


Oh, and hi there, Children Of Bodom person. Your nickname still isn't as "bad" as it could get...imagine you would've named yourself NeedledWarheart666...!

Well there are quite a few children of bodom people in this thread but I'm assuming from the bad nickname part you're talking to me :p If so helloh! If not..never mind :p
@ TimMERCOBHC: Yeah I was talking to you, but don't take it that serious. My nickname used to be Parn666...*shiver*
And yes, parttime, I'm a bit of a dick :loco:
This'll sound hella cheesy, but you actually make that guitar look good Twisha! I usually hate the look of them, but you make that one look kick ass!
haha. thankee. actually I make the guitar look bigger than it really is. what don't you like about it? the shape, the chameleon paint job, (and don't say the Edge 3 tremelo)...?

And here's me abusing Chris' keytar.
:lol: I'm afraid I can't compete with this one.