A mystery to me....

Since we've begun this whole crazy experiment, there's been one thing that I've struggled with:

Why does my bass sound seem to always want to seperate the highs and lows of my sound?

I use a digiatal signal processor to generate my sounds and for some reason, sometimes the cpu wants to seperate the highs and lows when recording?

It's happened a number of times, for example "Running Free" and
"Aces High" and "I want Out".

For some reason the lows sounded on time, but the highs lagged behind by a millisecond or so, making the track sound out of time.

Now, there were other times that it didn't happen using the same settings, "Halloed" for instance.

It's weird and it's driving me nuts.

I'm in the middle of recording a couple of tracks right now, and it's making me nuts!

Any thoughts?

P.S. I have two tracks I want to get done right now, and then I'm sending my DSP in for a factory refurbishing. Maybe the problem will go away after that? Who knows! :mad:
Do you only have one input coming into your PC from your DSP unit? Or do you have a Y adapter? I can't think of why your bass track would be split via frequency like that.

I've been thinking about my sound too. The POD sounds a bit sterile and 'far away'. I want a raw 'in your face' kinda sound...but I can't get that. Crossy's track for Total Eclipse sounded MUCH more like I want. It was brighter..it had more 'up front' on the track.

I'm only going out mono on the POD. I hear that may be a problem...that you get better sound when you use both output jacks (true stereo). Maybe I'll buy a cable tomorrow and see if this helps.

Another thing..how do these modern day pro's mix down these tracks so bloody hot and not get it to clip all over the place? How? How?:confused:

Btw..EC...I saw your BBE Sonic Maximizer in a music mag for $199. Still not sure how it works, or what it does, but it doesn't look like something I can buy and use on all our IMG tracks for mixing...

I hate these catalogs. I just sit and drool over all the stuff I want but can't afford.
rabs --

my guess would be that as far as hotness goes, pros use every scrap of bandwith they can to capture the hottest possible signal when recording the original source (including using a compressor to increase the average signal level)...

as far as in-your-face, my bet would be that it is an effects issue AND a mic-placement issue. BOTH result in how much air space is either physically between the mic and the speaker or is artifically placed there (ie moving your sound away from the listnener). I think perhaps doubling your tracks and using an almost-dry track and a wet track together you might be able to mess with these two tracks to bring your sound forward...
Yea..but Jim...the POD is line in. No Mic involved. You know that. Howz come it still sounds like there is a bunch of air inbetween?

I've given up on getting to sound as 'hot' as the pros. I chalk it up to their owning thousands of dollars of EQ that I have no access to. :cry:
Nothing beats the roar of a cranked amp at near gigging volume levels........!!!! :D

I get killer tones by cranking my amp as loud as i can so i can just hear my reference tracks.... ( which is pretty farkin loud and just before my ears bleed ) ... and place my mic so its resting on the cloth grille of my quad..!!!!! Which equates to about about 2.5 centimetres away from the actual cone...... :lol:

Closer to the centre of the speaker cone if i want more treble.... and towards the edge to cut the highs..... thats why most of my tracks lack any real ' cut ' cause i keep the mic towards the edge...... That way i record a killer mid heavy tone.... then eq the final track to boost the ' treble cut '.

Also.... i have the mic input level about 90 - 95% ..... and adjust the amp volume accordingly til the majority of the clipping goes away.... ( In most cases i do this method ). I ALWAYS record with some clipping.... most gets lost in the mix.... and then adjust the track with n-track in the finals.....

Works for me...... ;)

Still want a pod though..... :cry:

Wow Meds. I am so your opposite. When I record, I do it with the baby sleeping in the room next door! Completely Silent! ...well..I guess you can hear the non-amplified strings of the electric guitar strumming. :D

Its just kinda funny that you record at deafening levels, while I record completely silent...in the end we slap it all together in a mix and end up with hallowed..or 7th son. :D

Recording with clipping is bad though. Very bad. Especially with digital recording. Just my 2 cents.

BTW..do you record your lines standing or sitting? Just curious. I record sitting. I can imagine you stand...windmilling your arms and hitting poses! :headbang:
I may have to try and go stereo too Rabs. I've actually been thinking of getting a second sound card to record two independent channels simultaneously. :D
Also, when I'm done recording what I've got right now, I'm gonna send in my Nightbass DSP unit for a factory refurbishing and software upgrade, so if there's anything wrong with it, they'll fix it.

As for getting a "hot" signal, it's very touch and go with digital recording. Anything past that 0db mark makes a clip. There are alot of emulator plug-ins that are designed to imitate saturated analog tape, but I've never tried one. There are also some that are designed to make a signal hotter without clipping, take a look here..... Music Shareware page That's thier page for Windows versions, but they have all sorts of other versions and programs other than plug-ins too. From the Windows page, check out:

DMM-BW1 Brickwall Maximizer VST Plugin
L1 Ultramaximizer
RoomMachine 844
RT Maximizer VST Plugin
Scrollworks Peak Slammer DirectX Plug-In
SpectR 2.0 (a great tool for examining the "sonic spectrum" we discussed)

Well, you get the picture. :D This site is one of my favorites! I haven't tried most of these, unfortunetely, I never have the time I'd to have to check 'em all out. :cry:

Constantine, I do remember that! What a headache that was for you at the time! I'm just glad we were able to get it straightened out! I remember getting the impression that you were frustrated and close to giving up! Damn glad you didn't! :cool:
Originally posted by rabies

BTW..do you record your lines standing or sitting? Just curious. I record sitting. I can imagine you stand...windmilling your arms and hitting poses! :headbang:

:lol: No not quite rabs...... I sit when i record....right in front of the computer.... It always achieves a cleaner playing style...plus the amount of tracking i do to achieve one decent take is astounding.... :D so i need to access the keyboard for on a constant babsis....

I guess i over exagerated a lil but my volume levels.... not quite deafining...but still pretty loud just the same.....

Also...im sure ill need a pod as soon as my fiance and i decide to have children.... i sorta gotta tame it down a lil.... she gets shitty enough when i play so loud as it is without another person in the house going ape at me..... :cry: