A tattoo for Spiffo


I have the power
Apr 14, 2001
Brisbane, Australia

I'm planning on getting a tattoo but not sure which one to get. I'd like it to be a Maiden tattoo. Any suggestions?

No, not the Killers cover, everyone has that one. I don't want one too big, just a nice sized one (maybe the size of, erm, the bottom of a Coke can) to go on my upper arm thing - don't really have the physique for a tattoo to work anywhere else.

I thought about this one, but not sure if a tattoo artist could pull it off:


So yeah, suggest away. I've spent the past day or so going through various Eddie pics but can't decide on one. Any non-Maiden suggestions would be appreciated - I thought about Judge Death (from the Judge Dredd comics) but couldn't find a decent picture.

Cheers peeps.
Dude, that pic is ace, and I know a couple of artists who could do that, maybe increase size just a litle bit so all the detail can come out better. But that would be an awesome pic, I got the eddie from the front cover of BNW
Hey Southy, do they do the stenciling thing here, where they scan the pic and then print it out and stick it on your skin and then draw on it? Wouldn't really want someone to try that sort of thing freehand.
At least with a Maiden tattoo you know the band isn't going to sell out and goo off in a different musical direction, so they're a pretty safe bet.
and you can get the same tat over and over and over again (just "release" it onto a different body part)
Most shops do mate, the bloke who done my eddie did it all freehand from the promo slip of paper enlarged it to bigger than the album too, find a fucking good tatt artist, the blokes I goto down here I trust alot, and at least one of them would be able to stick it on freehand too I would think.

And tatts haveto always be stenciled on a little unless it is a freehand piece like some of my work
I was looking at the BNW Eddie to be airbrushed on the back of the canopy of my Navara.

Eddie helped me get kicked out of Warrane College a long long time ago.

edit went looking for Torana's, and ended up with another "logo'd" car.
BNW/BMW, I call dyslexia.

Seriously, I spent the late 80s, early 90s hotting up Toranas, and calling them "poor man's BMWS".

Went looking for 1979 Toranas, and found that the early 1908s BMWs are the poor man's Torana.

Eddie on the rear window...must work on that