Child of The Grave
Aug 26, 2003
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Ok, I really need some Opeth video live performances, because I have seen them live, and I think they are so amazing live, that I'd really rather listen to it and watch it live than listen to the albums(which I love). I tried to get that Inferno one, but does anyone have it to download instead of stream??? Cause when mine streams, it pauses and stuff, and I don't want to get it from the HUB, cause I don't know how to use it etc.....so does anyone know where I can get Opeth videos to download on the net???? Can you please post links, cause I am retarded, thanks!!! :D
You dont know how to use DC ?

Connect to hub.
Use magnifiing glass and search for opeth vids ... search for people with free slots.agnifii
Double click on the vid.
Wait for it to finnish dloading , then find ur DC dloads file.