Demo '91

Listen to this demo through a program like winamp that has a decent equalizer. Activate the equalizer then lower 60, 170 and 16k frequencies as much as possible so they are muted and slightly raise 310 and 600 frequencies. This helps to remove a lot of the muddiness the bass frequencies give the file and annoying squirly sound in the higher frequencies. It won't be perfect, but you can hear a lot more going on, I could even hear a few guitar solos and it definately made it a much more enjoyable listen.
I only had Into The Frost Of Winter and that was enough.... IT ROCKS MAN! I don't know why but it really makes me feel that I'm listening the right thing :)

It seems to me that is the real Opeth... I don't know why... maybe because it is recorded live...
I think there a few demos:

The 1991 Demo
The Apostle In Triumph Demo 1993
1993 Rehearsal Tape

I'd appreciate if someone could upload the rehearsal tape. It has an early version of BRI.

Also, I don't think I have the full demotape:

1. "Moonlight Silver Tears & Poise Into Celeano" - 11:12
2. "Requiem Of Lost Souls" - 7:03
3. "Into The Frost Of Winter" - 5:12
4. "Death Metal" (Possessed Cover) - 2:53

But who cares? That one has some of the worst quality I've ever heard (I only have the second track, but wow...)