Opeth song history 91-93 - ask for help

Thank you Mike, for your information. Live in Akalla sure is a strange, yet historically interesting piece of music. How do you feel about bootlegs in general and Opeth bootlegs in particular?
Varför pratar vi inte svenska istället?
Well, I guess that would be to seclude ourselves from the "pack"!
Bootlegs...I love them! Opeth bootlegs, I love them, but want a copy! I have 2 so far! People are selling this shit like crazy and I support that...I like the fact that a Opeth piece of music can become rare.
As far as bootlegs go, I have three shows on video and about 6 shows in mp3 format which can be put on cd. I would be willing to share them with any that wanted them. If anybody else has any bootlegs maybe we can trade.


Do you still have these early recordings? I absolutely love the two songs put on the rereleases of your first two albums, and If you guys rereleased any other albums with extra tracks, I wouldn't hesitate to buy them! I must have everything.

But I love Sillhouette and the Piano on BWP. The Piano fits in so well with your music, it really compliments the feel of a song, and for example in The Leper Affinity, the end of that song just hits me right in the chest, it's amazing!
The intro to the first song from the bootleg Live at Akalla seems to be sampled from a chenda performance

Due to the quality of the mp3 I can't tell for sure. Any comments?
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Can someone post the link to those old songs that were in a thread that didnt make it back from the server crash?

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Mikael, you guys could probably do pretty well releasing a pre-orchid cd with demo material, or covers or any other recordings...perhaps some old photos or live shots of the band , etc? might be a cool thought, but im not sure how much material you would have for this kind of release.

One more question for you...what will you be contributing to the new Porcupine Tree album? guitar, vox or both?
Cool idea about the pre-Orchid cd...

They should also release 'I Hate Hip-Hop'. :p
huh, i never saw mr. akerfeldt so active on this board ;)

anyway, strange you still ask about silhouette, everyone know it's anders who plays the piano...

the "still life " quote is everywhere, but i read & heard that it was taken from the iron maiden's song.

i've got the blackwater park - dirt box album on mp3, and i'm quite often on slsk as "Eugy", so try to contact me if you want.