Sarmatia - Featuring (ex) Opeth members

ever dying

Forlorn Faeces!
Jul 21, 2006
While browsing some old topics..
I used the search function.. ^^'

I found out about a band called Sarmatia.. Lopez and Mendez were in that band in 1996, before they joined Opeth.. There are demo tapes, some people have them..
But I was wondering if anyone knew about a place to maybe download that demo tape, so we could all have a listen?
Or some genius who knows alot more about this band?

Things I know:
- Blakkheim drew their band logo, haven't seen it just yet
- Mendez and Lopez were in that band..
- They released a demo tape, I believe BlackHorse has a copy?


Wow. A quality topic?
Lopez was in Amon Amarth, right before he joined Opeth. He's on the '98 Once Sent From the Golden Hall album.
No clue how to get mp3 from a cassette though...

If you have a cassette player that has RCA (l/r) outputs, you can use RCA cables into a stero-split to 1/8" jack, plug into your sound card and record onto your PC using a free program like Audacity, which can convert the audio to MP3.

If you don't have RCA outputs, you can output from the microphone jack via the same type of method, but you'd need male jacks on both ends to output from the microphone jack into your sound card.