Anarion! Look out for these guys...

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Apr 14, 2001
Ric, lead singer and guitarist of Anarion invited me into the studio today for the first day of recording their upcoming debut album. These guys are absolutely brilliant!

Mostly comparable to Burnt Offerings/Horror Show style Iced Earth, with the more technical low end.

Guitar wise, these guys are power metal, great thrashy riffs and dual guitar harmonies, excellent chord progressions that are original and moving (because these guys know their theory!), and awesome twin lead guitar solos where they take it in turns.

Vocal wise, these guys are classic heavy metal. Great catchy melodies, and high, emotional but ballsy vocals from Ric, who can be compared to Bruce Dickinson/Hansi Kursch combination but with an almost Hetfield type attitude and raspiness, while still singing very high.

The thing that makes Anarion most stand out though from other power/heavy metal bands is their drumming. Luke comes from a 100% death metal background, and is MONSTEROUS with the double kick patterns, the drums are just thunderous and the music in turn is VERY heavy. This is very similar to a Horror Show style, where they mix power metal with the technical death metal drumming of Richard Christie.

These guys rock! If you want samples, you can go to ... BUT, these aren't even close to what they sound like now and are over a year old. The 4 songs will all be on the album, but are MUCH MUCH better now. Also, note that the singer on these demo versions is Danny Cecati, ex-Pegazus. Danny has a high whiny girly crap voice and no balls and has been kicked out of the band for ages now. Ric is way better, and the songs are way better now :D
Hehe go down again on Tuesday or Thursday and you'll see me there... :) Yeah Luke's a fucking freak on drums...always has been. He doesn't look dissimilar to Richard Christie either!

Added to that, Ric and Steve are great on guitar......hehe good combination.

Yeah, check em out people!
Cool I might go up on Thursday afternoon because I dont have uni until afternoon, which I probably won't go to anyway.

Hahaha Kem, shut up :D