Any suggestions for new bands I should listen to?

My favorite bands at the moment:
Anathema has sounded promising
I like tool, radiohead,
For a band that sounds similar to Opeth try In Mourning. Their album The Shrouded Divine is amazing.

Two Anathema albums I'd recommend in particular are Alternative 4 and Judgement. Very rewarding albums. Try Riverside - Out of Myself, parts of this album remind me of Anathema.

If you like Tool and Radiohead try Porcupine Tree - Fear of a Blank Planet.

2 ls. End of discussion.
In the meantime, buy that album.
hi there, in first place: Rhapsody - dawn of victory
Blind Guardian - nightfall in the middle-earth
Dark tranquility - character then: Dimmu borgir - progenies of the great apocalypse
Arch enemy - rise of the tyrant
ensiferum - vistory songs
can i add my band to the list? TERSIVEL epic symphonic extreme metal. see u
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