Bands I'm eyeing...

Oak Knoll said:
more bands i'm kinda just checking out
boston area - Nephillim, Hiss of Atrocities, Zircon, Hekseri
i ran into a couple of the guys from Hiss earlier today....told them i'd told you about them, and that you'd be in the area on saturday, so if we're meeting at berklee, one or two guys from each band might come to at least meet you and speak with you briefly...maybe they'd be up for joining us on the promo trip?

they've also invited you to their show at O'Brien's on March 1 (i believe that's the correct date), which Scourge will also be playing.
Soulpreacher might be a good move to sign...they've already released a few albums on decent labels. Not to mention, they seem really interested in Oak Knoll... But how much are they willing to promote it?