Bands that are chaotic like Atrox

Fleurety & Ved Buens Ende come to mind. Both will see a re-release of their debut album,-which in VBE case is their one & only album-, sometime soon through Candle Light records.

The new version of Fleurety's Min Tid Skall Komme (1994) will feature 3 bonus tracks: re-mastered versions of the A Darker Shade of Evil 7"ep & the track they contributed to the Blackened compilation. The new artwork looks good and it will feature the lyrics (and a translation of them in English).

Ved Buens Ende's 1995 Written in Waters will also feature new artwork (created by Kim of Virus, Carl-Micheal's post-VBE-band) but sadly no bonus tracks for no unreleased material exisists by Ved Buens Ende. :(

However, it appears that Carl-Micheal Eide said that they will re-form VBE to see if the chemestry can be recovered again. In 1996 they had written (but sadly never recorded) their 2nd album, which was going to be entitled Half Visible Presence. Maybe, if we are lucky, the re-formed VBE will record that material. If they ever re-form that is ofcourse. But Rumour also has it that Vikotnic & Skoll wanted to re-form VBE without Carl-Micheal to make a folk band of it... so a reformation will happen one day proably.
Oh, think I forgot to mention a few band that might be of interest of you. Although these bands are not the same in sound to Atrox you might appreciate them anyway (if you like complex & sophisticated Black Metal).

Dødheimsgard - 666 International (1999)
Interesting, complex Black Metal mixed with Industrial/Techno elements. I love this album it's so full of irregulair and strange rythems and tempo-changes. Vikotnic really came up with interesting riffs. Soon (in May) DHG will enter the studio once again to record the follow up but that will (sadly) become less technical as 666 International. Anyway, I think this album is the way that Black Metal should have or should evolve(d) to. It appeals to me so much because it is violent, agressive and very structured and I love the lyrics by Aldrahn (what sort of a mental defect does that guy have?)

EbonyLake - On the Eve of the Grimly Inventive (1999)
Britain might not be the assembly-line that Scandinavia has become when it comes to extreme Metal, but it always produces the goods when it comes to quality and originality. EbonyLake is an excellent example: dissonant, twisted, neurotic, sick Black Metal, with lyrics full deranged poetry and morbid passion, pianos, harmonised guitars, and completely anfractuous and unexpected in construction.
I can not listen to this album to much for I have the sincere impression that this album is haunted and it generates such a eerie feeling in me that I can not stand to experience too often!!! Very interesting album and a even more interesting experience. It really haunts me!

Ephel Duath - Phormula (200?)
These are 2 talented individuals who make some interesting music together. I sadlyhave not listend to the album yet to tell anything significant about it. The structures of the songs are a bit similair to Lunar Aurora's Seelenfeuer but ephel duath have their own sound and approach. I do know that I am very fond of this album.

Lunar Aurora - Seelenfeuer (1998)
Weird, late 14th, early 15th centuary medieval-music-like structures and time signatures / measurements turned into interesting Black Metal with truely medieval-structured sythesizers, not some quasi medieval-folk keyboard. All this has a harsh and raw production which appeals to me greatly, although the band intended a better production. It took me a while to get used to this album (and any other Lunar Aurora album) but after that it was GREAT, I LOVE IT! Even though I think I know the album like the back of my hand I sometimes still discover a hidden note somewhere that I have not heard before.

Check out the rest of their discography aswell for they are truely gifted musicians!!!

It can think of lot's more but I don't have the time to write them all down now.
not clear? why? the band signed with EARACHE 2 years ago, so the new album "The Painter's Palette" will be out on May 19th through Earache (with the Imprint Elitist). Ephel Duath released their debut album on code666 "Phormula" in 2000, now I'm their manager, not their Label-Manger.
Emi said:
so the new album "The Painter's Palette" will be out on May 19th through Earache (with the Imprint Elitist). QUOTE]

great finally...

it's been a long have to admit...

i am impatient....

well, I can say, hands on heart, that this new album is the best music I've EVER heard in my entire life, the album I always carved for, so will be a deserved wait, belive me.
Now this sounds interesting! It's only a one week and one moths wait untill the new album, not that I am bored with Phormula, not at all! I've actually have a lot of discovering to do with that album since it got in my collection so recently but a new album is always good. :)
Phormula fucking slays... One of the only albums that has held my interest for more than a week or so... Very well structured, very well executed. Amazing duel guitar lines.

And being a drummer, it is good to see intelligent use of a drum machine that sounds like it was programmed by an actual drummer.. The use of more than one actual kick drum sound is also very interesting, and suits the differing sections well.

The latest Ephel album is ground breaking and genre defying, but I guess it was to expected from such musicians... Will they play the Phormula material live?

As for Kaotic shit.. The last Eclipse album was killer, Brilliant guitars and blistering drum tracks [automated], but a bit more black metal than Ephel...

Dodheimsgard 666 is another ground breaking release, although it wasnt recieved to well in Oz by the majority of metallers. But that album requires listening intelligence, beyond that of most... The band photos though are disgraceful... Personally - i would of liked to hear the sessions by themselves before they interspliced them. For example the piano tracks the whole way through, and the metal style sections from start to finish...
@Blacktalon Media: You should check out EbonyLake, if you haven't already. They are truly great and totally underappreciated because they are so unique. Musicly they are way beyond most people'slistening intelligence.

I would recommend this band to be under the banner of Code666 (if they were still around) and if it had any potential to sell, which it appartenly did not have. But that might also have to do with the fact that Cacophonous try to sell it to people who are only used to listen to ear-candy like Dimmu Borgir or Cradle of Filth and they did not target the people who might actually be interested in it in their promotion campain.

But it might be so that with the right kind of promotion directed at the right people this band might have become a little succes. I'm still searching for their demo "As Ghosts we dance into Trashing Seas" if anyone has this here please let me know: I NEED that demo!!!