Become Death Finally in my hands!!!


Chef Metal
Jun 4, 2002
The Metal Kitchen
I finally got Become Death:kickass: ... Late is better than never! Anyways!

Great Fucking Album!!!! I knew it would be! I am still Digesting, But so far its awsome. The growling is a nice touch, Andy pulls it off well! .... Excellent Job on the album guys! So far my favorite song is "In the hopes of a Dream" Very nice stuff! :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:
hehehe it found me pretty well :) I am having a good year at school so far, so I cant complain. ..... Become Death Fucking Rocks! :worship: :worship: :worship: :Smokin:

Oh! One thing that does suck! Having a Symphorce concert dvd in PAL format :loco: Anybody know a trick so I can watch it?
I like the heavier and more 'aggressive' songs of the album like "Darkness Fills The Sky" (one of the band's best!), "Death Has Come", "Condemned", "Ancient Prophecies" (awesome chorus)