Best Vocal Lines?

Till Fjalls

May 21, 2001
* Toronto *
What are some of the greates vocal lines of all time?? I'm curious, as a great vocal line can make a great song so much better......

My personal fave would be the chorus part in Universal by Borknagar, where Simen sings "I can smell the air......."

There are many other great ones as well, but none that live up to that.....What's you fave?
Well there are so many... but one that really blew me out of my chair is that part near the end of Harvest where Mikael says something like "Release something or other" in somewhat distorted vocals. It's SO perfect.

And everything Nightwish has ever done.
There are many great vocal lines that spring to mind...
but I will keep them at bay by mentioning only a couple of Opeth ones:
(which are heavily biased being from the albums I have been listening to most recently... :) )

"Some will bring with them all they have seen"
followed by that tragic and resigned awwwwww

- Godhead's Lament

"Open your soul
Redeem, I am immortal"

- The Apostle in Triumph (this entire song is lyrically exquisite)

I am not sure whether that's Mikael singing the Release lines on Harvest ... it might be Steve Wilson. But yeah, those are the most progressive vocal lines Opeth has delivered since "Searching my way to perplexion ... " from Godhead's Lament.

My fave vocal lines are Anderson's "Master of images, songs cast the light on you..." from Awaken.
My personal fave would be the chorus part in Universal by Borknagar, where Simen sings "I can smell the air......."

Yeah, Simen does some really amazing vocals on that record, The Archaic Course. My favorite is found in The Black Token when he sings "From the mountains to the shore / Trembling aflame within the core". Especially when he shouts "aflame".
hmm , best vocal lines ,

"Are these days gone?
the many hours counted
You musn't see me long
please leave me here "

or "into the orchard we walked peering way past the gates , wilted scenes for us who couldn't wait "

maybe "I'm counting nocturnal hours , drowned visions and haunted sleep" is that how it goes?
"Staring at a million, million stars,
Through the icy dark, across the spiral dome,
The yellow globe a speck of light,
In perpetual night, life times away there lies my home...
Just can't seem to tear away my eyes,
Is this real, or am I still alive?
Stare at the sun!
The end of the world has come,
Stare at the sun!
The ending has just begun..." -- Stare at the Sun Blaze

When he hits the chorus it's just fucking great!! Absolute power!! I've never heard a vocal part that makes me go as absolutely ape shit as this one!!! Blaze is a phenomenal vocalist!!
when mikael sings the word "wilted" in Harvest, i just love it....

then there's the "searching my way to preplexion, ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh" which just blows me mind away

and don't forget the "what would they care if i would stay, no-one would know" part........
Still Life is full of great vocal lines.
' Am I ( guitar here ) to bid you farewell ? '

This must be the greatest opeth lines of vox.. And as this is an opeth forum, I don't wanna give examples of the other bands.. But why ? No, I'll give.. :)

Anathema's ' ..... I cried alone ' part in ' A Dying Wish '..

Katatonia's ' Condemned to sorrooooooooow ' part in the ' Velvet Thorns '..

And Camel's all ' Mystic Queen ' song.. This is a must pick guys.. You all have to listen to this ! Damn f***ing vocals.. You can understand why Mikael is influenced by them..
"Sunbirds leave their dark recesses
Shadows gild the archways

Do not turn your face towards me
Confronting me with my loneliness
You are in a forest unknown
The secret orchard
And your voice is vast and achromatic
But still so precious"

I recall an interview with Dan Swano in which he said he came up with the little "forest unknown" vocal line. I just love Akerfeldt/Swano collaborations... Crimson - GOOD! Bloodbath - GOOD! ...I'm assuming Dan played the drums for Sorskogen... (Damn that Mordet i Grottan is good... love that tune...)
right on man.. That blew my fucking mind apart and sparyed the fucking walls too! he heheh... when I first played the album that totally fucked me over and I remember saying.. fuck I'm glad I spent money I didn't have to spend. :)

also that totally melancholic chant in 'Forest of October' min 11:10 onwards..... that is soooo fucking perfect. both melody accompanied by sweet soothing vocals that make your chest sink into obliviating sadness.
Apart from the great Opeth vocal lines already mentioned by others, my favorites are:

- "The next thousand years...ARE OURS!" (Darkthrone - A Blaze in the Nothern Sky)

- "It's the cowardice that pulls you under/and takes you to the end, where it begins/release, the world is waiting on your arrival, close your eyes, as we witness another bullet ride" (In Flames - Bullet Ride)

- "It's sad that, in our blindness, we gather thorns for flowers" (My Dying Bride - Your River)

- "come in out of the rain thou sayest, but thou ne'er step'st aside, and I am trapp'd (I'm trapp'd)...a distance there is" (Theatre of Tragedy - ...A Distance There is...)
At the moment, I've absolutely fallen in love with a vocal line towards the end of Bleak. The sequence that starts with "This moment is mine" ... then another voice comes in under it singing "Night falls again, taking what's left of me" ... then the death vox come blasting back over the top.
Pure brilliance.

Oh ... and of course my sig is one of my fav vocal lines. Dark and brooding. :heh:
These are the first to come to my mind. Not maybe the best, though, but almost at least:

Faith No More - Ugly in the Morning
"Don't look at me I'm ugly in the morning!"

Faith No More - The Real Thing
"It's like the pattern below the skin
You gotta reach out and pull it all in
And you feel like you're too close
So you swallow another dose"

Mr. Bungle - Goodbye Sober Day
"Tchakthcaktchak, tchakatchakatchaka..."

Edge of Sanity - Crimson
"A whole world is mourning the loss of their king.
In sorrow a new day dawning.
Now the princess is their everything.
A procession to the chambers where they kiss their fathers ring.
Can you hear the angel of sadness sing... with broken wings."
Some of my faves- "It's not the end, not the kingdom come...etc" from Wanderlust by Nightwish.
"Eyes attatched to your mute portrait...etc" from BRI-haunting
"So long, still I wonder why...etc" from Nightingale's So long (Still I wonder)
Cold Winter Nights by Stratovarius
The whole song Deep by Anathema
The end part of Dawn of the End by Borknagar
track 3 from Till Fjalls by Vintersorg, and the chorus from Cosmic Genesis
Also the clean parts in Blood Colored by Edge of Sanity

as far as the harder stuff goes:
Down for Life by Testament
"NO!!!!! I refuse to let these angels take me away....etc" from The Big Sleep by Dan Swano
"Christendom, religion of pity...etc" from Mayhem
"I open my eyes, there's nothing I can see...etc" from There's Nothing by Clandestine Blaze
'Birth, copulation and...DEATH! This is your life!" from This is your life by Carcass

And so many others... too many to name
'Not a hero... unless you die.'

I can't stand the chorus of the track (I'll leave it up to you to figure out), but the part where he speaks in the background is very nice.