Bruce Kulick: My leather pants are ruined!


Metal as fuck
Aug 24, 2001
Blue Mountains, Australia
From Primal Agony, an excerpt from the interview with Bruce Kulick:

"I didn’t even know that a bullet passed through my leg. It took about another ten minutes when I sat down and the paramedics came over and we were looking down at my leather pants and we saw there was a hole in them.
That was so disappointing too. My pair of leather pants was ruined because of the incident! I would like to bill somebody for that! (Laughs) I did go back to the store where I got them from about three weeks later, and I got another pair because I liked them. They’re not custom made, but they almost look like it if you know what I mean. So I was very happy to find them again.
Unfortunately, the detectives have the pants because it’s part of the case against this guy. It’s a pity too because I could imagine those particular pants being one of the major drawcards at any of the Kiss expos. I was even thing of E-Baying them! (Laughs)"

Good to see he has a keen sense of priority. :)