Bulb - Something a little different (podxt,dfhs,holdsworth)

Awesome as always... really cool. :) You're a songwriting machine, man. It seems like every week I see you post up a new song on one of the forums. You have a ridiculous amount of creativity. Hah. What guitar (pickups specifically) did you use to track this one?

I like a lot of your stuff, but songs like this are much more my style than the djenty rhythm stuff you like... I like some of those songs a lot though (but usually more for the leads and overall awesome songwriting, not those djent djent rhythms ;p)... I like heavy stuff too, but more prog/tech/death like BTBAM, The Faceless, Sikth, Protest The Hero, Necrophagist, etc....

Have you ever listened to a band like Minus The Bear? I think it'd be cool to you hear you do a ambient math-rock kinda song in that vein...
Thanks so much guys!
TheDude:man im so sorry, i have been recording my friends album ever since i fixed my computer and i just keep forgetting, mainly because im a bad person haha!

It sounds like i need to check out Minus the bear, i have definitely heard people talking about them before, what album should i start with?