BWP shirts?


there is a shirt with the album cover on the front with tour dates on the back, but all that was left by the 5/6 show were mediums. there is also a shirt with the logo on the front with a band pic on the back and the words us tour april/may 2001. all that was left of that shirt on 5/6 was large. the BWP tour shirts have been on ebay, so that is your best shot if you have to have one

hehe....I got a BWP shirt in worcester at the show..It has the album cover really big on the front and the dates on the back. it kicks ass. lots of people were buying them too. i guess they sold them out. the people were crazy, i saw tons of people buying like 100 dollars worth of shirts and shit...
Did you check out the two they have on I'm probably going to get me one of those when I get my cash in order. I bought one at the show as well, but there's a different one at the site. One has tour dates I believe and the other has a picture of them...HANGING OUT! I love those shots of them just sitting around the forest just chillin' out like they do so well. :cool:
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Did you check out the two they have on

Now I have. The one where they're hanging out was nice, but it said "American Tour" too (altough very small... hard to see on the pic ) *sigh* It's to expensive to order just one shirt from the US anyhow so I guess I have to wait untill I see some BWP designs in Europe.
I didn't see that it said American Tour. O'well, Opeth is stepping it up, you'll get one sooner or later.
Did anyone else notice that on the American tour shirts that every date had the state next to it, except for Detroit? The people running the merch stand and buying shirts seemed quite amused about that, since I saw them in Detroit.
Well I just payed $30 for an Opeth shirt with the BWP cover on the front and the American tour dates on the back. Then I go over to Headbangers Delight a few days later, could of got it for $20 SHIT! Opeth is worth the money though so oh well.